Quilt Data launches a visual index to Amazon’s public cloud data

Quilt Data, where the world’s data comes together, launched open.quiltdata.com, a visual index to Amazon’s public cloud data.

open.quiltdata.com offers unprecedented access to a universe of data that is larger than the world wide web, enabling individuals and teams to search, discover, share and analyze more than 4,000 terabytes of public data, covering more than 100 topics, with a standard web browser.

“By indexing the data in Amazon’s cloud, Quilt enables people to make informed decisions faster. Unlike services such as Google and Wikipedia, searches on Quilt return actual data – not web pages – that can immediately be shared with decision makers or transformed to train machines that recognize images, detect fraud and predict financial markets,” said Aneesh Karve, CTO and co-founder of Quilt Data.

Discover and share unlimited public data

For the first time, open.quiltdata.com enables data engineers, scientists and non-technical users alike to browse, search and visualize data sets such as Terrain Tiles for planet earth, and the Jupyter Notebook archive.

The former contains more than 1.2 billion terrain tiles that reveal elevations across planet earth (Figure 1). The latter contains more than 1.2 million searchable Jupyter notebooks that demonstrate how to manipulate and model data.

As the preceding datasets illustrates, Quilt enables organizations to share data at unprecedented scale and with an entirely new model of privacy and control: data in Quilt is never copied to Quilt servers, and always remains under the control of the data’s original creators.

open.quiltdata.com is built on the Quilt platform, which also powers Quilt Business, an application that is available for purchase on AWS Marketplace. Quilt Business brings the benefits of open.quiltdata.com to private data.

Customers of Quilt Business will have a “one-way mirror” between their data and the world’s data on open.quiltdata.com. For instance, biotech companies use Quilt to better understand patient outcomes by cross-referencing public datasets like ENCODE and 1000 Genomes on open.quiltdata.com.

The Quilt platform consists of a web application, Python client and suite of backend services – all of which interoperate to enable teams to share, understand, discover, model and make decisions at petabyte scale.

Quilt Business is currently used by teams worldwide to power data-intensive initiatives like machine learning in areas like autonomous vehicles, sports performance analysis, genomics and geospatial analysis.

Prior to open.quiltdata.com, access to cloud data required both technical expertise and costly infrastructure. As a result, business teams used less of the world’s cloud data. As a result, decision quality suffered and progress in data-intensive fields like modeling and artificial intelligence was dampened.

With open.quiltadta.com, more than 12 petabytes of public data in agriculture, geospatial sciences, finance, economics, tax records and weather are immediately accessible as maps, tables and images, and searchable with natural language queries.

This new level of accessibility allows organizations to enrich their quantitative models with up-to-the minute data and deliver insights on critical questions in climate, public policy and business intelligence.

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