Bandura Cyber and Anomali partnership to increase network security control effectiveness

Bandura Cyber, the leading provider of threat intelligence gateways, announced a partnership with Anomali, a provider of intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions.

As a new member of the Anomali partner program, the Bandura Cyber Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG) is now available on the Anomali APP Store.

Together, Bandura Cyber and Anomali will now empower customers to more effectively and efficiently operationalize threat intelligence to detect and block cyber threats in an easier, more scalable, and automated way than can be done with traditional network security controls.

“We are very excited to join forces with a cybersecurity leader such as Anomali, that is also reinventing the way organizations access, aggregate, and operationalize threat intelligence,” said Chris Fedde, CEO, Bandura Cyber.

“We are confident that through this partnership, customers will be able to better protect themselves against cyber threats, gain more value from threat intelligence, and use automation to improve the efficiency of security operations.”

Nicholas Hayden, Global Head of Threat Intelligence at Anomali, adds, “By offering the Bandura Cyber TIG, our customers expand their ability to take action against cyber threats with a proactive approach to network defense that ingests threat intelligence from Anomali in an easy, automated, and scalable way.

“We look forward to furthering our mission to provide intelligence-driven cybersecurity alongside a partner like Bandura Cyber.”

This integration will allow current and future joint customers to more effectively ingest and block malicious IP and domain threats on their network through threat intelligence-driven context and seamless network protection. Other key benefits include:

  • Automatically updated Anomali-fueled threat intelligence within the Bandura Cyber TIG, ensuring always-current network protection and reduced manual workloads.
  • Enhanced resources by relieving security staff and eliminating the need to manually manage and maintain always-changing access control lists, blacklists, and firewall rules.
  • Improved threat detection, investigation, and response through increased context and automation.
  • Increased ROI and efficiency of existing network investments like Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) by reducing the volume of traffic requiring deep packet inspection.

For performance reasons, NGFWs and other network security controls limit third-party intelligence volumes. Additionally, maintaining highly-dynamic access control lists and blacklists is resource intensive. These obstacles lead to security gaps and add to workloads.

The integration of threat intelligence from the Anomali Threat Platform into the Bandura Cyber TIG eliminates these challenges. Bandura can filter inbound and outbound network traffic against over 150 million unique IP and domain indicators.

By automatically ingesting threat intelligence from the Anomali Threat Platform, joint customers can detect and block inbound and outbound communications to malicious IPs and domains. This reduces coverage gaps and the manual workloads associated with managing dynamic access control lists, blacklists, and firewall rules.

Building on an already expansive year for Bandura Cyber, this integration comes soon after the company announced the next generation of their threat intelligence gateway, underlining their commitment to providing the best network defense available on the market.

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