FireEye’s election security public resource helps governments enforce free and fair elections

FireEye, the intelligence-led security company, announced a free new election security public resource to include the latest cyber security recommendations and informational materials to help governments enforce free and fair elections.

Building on existing FireEye materials and programs, this resource will host free webinars, event information, threat intelligence and solutions in one easily accessible place to tackle the issue of election security from a technology perspective, as well as one of emergency management and response preparedness.

Governments, companies and citizens alike have quickly become attuned to the importance of election security on a global scale following numerous attacks on recent elections.

While cyber-enabled interference and election tampering continue to make headlines, the root cause can seem unclear due to the wide range of differing threats facing entities within an election’s ecosystem.

Through this resource, FireEye aims to bring greater visibility to the election threat landscape, while offering intelligent solutions for organizations of all types and sizes.

“Election security has become a growing priority on a global scale. While elections are a massive topic in need of heightened exposure, one of the most concerning threats is voter confidence in the system,” said Ron Bushar, CTO of Government Services at FireEye.

“Our goal at FireEye is to help shore up defenses to ensure the integrity of the vote and restore confidence in the system, both in the United States and around the world.”

As a trusted partner to many government organizations, FireEye remains committed to helping government entities, federal agencies, states and counties stay informed on today’s cyber threats and what steps they can take regarding free and fair elections.

This resource includes:

  • Threat intelligence and research reports – Observances by FireEye of election-driven threat actors—and their key target areas, including the potential entry points by which attackers can access voting systems and the methods used to breach them
  • Frontline perspective – Get insights from those on the front lines on timely topics such as disinformation and the latest ways it may impact upcoming elections
  • Webinars – Events with information on how to prepare for election security threats, led by FireEye experts and field practitioners
  • Best practices and resources – Recommended steps to implement to protect election infrastructure and reduce targeted cyber risks
  • Intelligent solutions – Resources available by FireEye, and available to the public, to help secure elections in the U.S. and around the world
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