Signal Sciences’ WAF and RASP solution interoperates effectively with Pivotal Container Service

Signal Sciences, the fastest growing web application security company in the world, announced its Pivotal Container Service (PKS) integration.

The integration ensures that Signal Sciences’ next-gen WAF and RASP solution interoperates effectively with PKS, and customers can now easily deploy Signal Sciences to protect against web application attacks, such as the OWASP top 10, account takeovers, API misuse, and bad bots.

PKS is a purpose-built container solution to operationalize Kubernetes for multi-cloud organizations. It enables organizations to easily and efficiently deploy, run, and manage Kubernetes in production.

Signal Sciences’ support for PKS, in tandem with its longstanding integration with the Pivotal Application Service, gives enterprises granular visibility and insights into the threats that impact any app running on Pivotal Platform, so they can take action immediately.

“With the significant increase in enterprise adoption of Kubernetes, we are thrilled that cutting-edge security providers, such as Signal Sciences, are investing in our Kubernetes platform,” said Angus MacDonald, general manager of strategic alliances and technical ecosystem for Pivotal.

“With this partnership, Pivotal and Signal Sciences will provide customers greater flexibility to implement web application security solutions for their PKS or PAS-based applications.”

“Web application attacks are becoming increasingly common, sophisticated, and threatening. The best way to protect applications against them is to effectively monitor and profile incoming traffic to determine what is legitimate, and block the rest,” said Hala Al-Adwan, vice president of technology at Signal Sciences.

“With this new validation, Signal Sciences brings easily deployable, scalable next-gen WAF and RASP to PKS, offering customers peace of mind with full coverage against Layer 7 attacks.”

Signal Sciences’ next-gen WAF and RASP technology delivers the only application security solution that works across any architecture. Fast and easy to implement, it protects more than 27,000 cloud-native, legacy, and serverless applications, and over a trillion production requests per month.

Organizations across all industries deploy Signal Sciences to protect their most important web applications, APIs, and microservices against the full spectrum of threats.

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