Webinar: Application Protection and Performance Monitoring Using Datadog + Signal Sciences

For years, security, operations, and engineering have struggled to get one cohesive view of application performance and real-time attacks due to multiple streams of data from a variety of operations and security tools that don’t work well together. We are out to change that.

Webinar Signal Sciences Datadog

In this webinar, learn how Signal Sciences and Datadog have teamed up to provide powerful monitoring, visualization, and alerting—all in one place. Learn how this integration:

  • Provides developers immediate app performance feedback in production.
  • Generates powerful alerting capabilities that remove noise and provide actionable alerts.
  • Reduces mean time to resolution (MMT) for both app performance and security issues.
  • Pulls back the cover of the “black box” of web layer assets running in dynamic, cloud infrastructures.

The webinar is no longer available.

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