Infocyte unveils its “Response Ready” program for certified IR partners

Infocyte, the leading cyber security incident response platform introduced their “Response Ready” program for certified IR partners. These elite partners have deployed Infocyte into multiple customer environments during cybersecurity incident response operations and proven their ability to address and remediate active attacks.

Additionally, Infocyte announced new platform Extensions today, enabling customers and partners to develop, deploy, and share custom collection and action capabilities built on top of Infocyte’s award-winning platform.

Extensions address key challenges faced by cybersecurity professionals and security teams around the globe during response operations—specifically containment, eradication, and recovery from security incidents, all worsened by a growing human resources and skills shortage in cybersecurity.

“As detection capabilities improve, automated incident response is becoming the differentiator,” commented Micheal Crean, CEO of MSSP, Solutions Granted.

“Leveraging Infocyte’s ability to provide immediate, automated response actions improves our efficiency and speed and lowers risk for our customers. We are deploying Infocyte’s platform broadly across our customer base.”

Extensions are grouped into two categories: Collection and Action Extensions, and include capabilities for detecting advanced threats, automating response actions, and streamlining security operations.

Extensions are developed by Infocyte, their customers and partners, or the cybersecurity community as a whole—fostering a collaborative ecosystem for cybersecurity professionals and enabling them to work together in addressing the changing threat landscape.

Among Extensions already deployed within Infocyte’s new collaborative ecosystem include an eDiscovery tool for PII forensics, local memory dump for offline analysis, host isolation, and Windows Volume Shadow Copy and restoration.

“With Infocyte, mid-market customers can automate deep forensic analysis, detection, and incident response — capabilities previously limited to enterprises with a fully equipped SOC,” added John Norden, Vice President of Engineering with Infocyte.

“Extensions give customers and partners the ability to build custom detection along with quick and efficient capabilities to contain, eradicate, and recover from security incidents. This functionality coupled with frequent inspection of an environment truly enables a Response Ready stance.”

Integrate and extend your EDR, SIEM, SOAR, and more with Infocyte Extensions.

Extensions introduce an open contribution system for submitting custom capabilities, which may be made available to the community or integrated into Infocyte’s platform.

The contribution model mirrors a standard Open Source methodology, leveraging GitHub as a tool for handling source code control, pull requests, issues, and features.

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