Syapse and Sumo Logic deliver real-world data insights to health systems and life sciences companies

Sumo Logic, the leader in continuous intelligence, announced that Syapse has chosen Sumo Logic to support the delivery of valuable real-world data-based insights to its health system and life sciences partners.

Additionally, Sumo Logic’s standardized process, security and audit capabilities are helping Syapse, the leader in powering precision medicine through a global health system network, adhere to strict healthcare data regulations.

With a mission to deliver the best care for every cancer patient, Syapse delivers real-world data insights to health systems and life sciences companies. To accomplish its mission, the company must assemble a diverse array of molecular and clinical data that enable healthcare providers to manage and scale their precision medicine programs.

As a result, the company’s data platform ingests gigabytes of raw, highly diverse data, which feeds to its multi-terabyte library of existing information.

To produce high-value insights the company’s solutions must absorb and analyze thousands of data points across individual patients and health systems while also maintaining the highest standards of security, privacy and compliance.

With Sumo Logic, Syapse is able to implement the infrastructure and procedures necessary to continually meet stringent healthcare data regulations and attain vital industry certifications from industry governing bodies such as the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST).

“Sumo Logic has been a strategic partner in helping Syapse manage and process our data, making it easier to streamline our operations and deliver value to our health system and life sciences partners,” said Vinod Subramanian, senior vice president, cloud operations at Syapse.

“The extensive dashboards and reporting capabilities available to us through the Sumo Logic platform play an important role in helping us achieve compliance standards, including HITRUST.

“Sumo Logic not only gives us the continuous intelligence we need to manage our business, but more importantly, they allow us to focus on what matters most: serving our health system and life sciences partners.”

Sumo Logic provides a unified platform to help Syapse automate real-time monitoring and troubleshooting. By automating tasks that once required manual resolution, the platform has enabled the company’s customer success and operations teams to decrease time spent on administrative tasks and accelerate support resolution times.

“While access to unique clinical and molecular data has been a driving force for continued technological innovation in the healthcare industry, trust and security remain a top priority,” said George Gerchow, CSO, Sumo Logic.

“Our platform was built with a privacy and security-by-design approach that allows us to provide valuable insights to customers like Syapse that rely on these data to help scale precision medicine programs focused on the delivery of quality patient care.

“We also undergo rigorous review and attestation of our HIPAA compliance by an independent auditor to ensure the security of our customers’ protected healthcare information.

“This reflects our ongoing commitment at Sumo Logic to provide a secure platform that allows healthcare providers to easily access and analyze data needed for providing optimal care today and in the future.”

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