New infosec products of the week: November 22, 2019

CyberSaint Governance Dashboard empowers CISOs to communicate compliance and risk posture in real-time

CyberSaint Security announced significant updates to its Governance Dashboards that empower CISOs to communicate their organizations’ unique compliance and risk posture in real-time. The enhancements enable C-suite executives and Board members to instantly drill down into their compliance and risk posture across business units, asset types, projects and regions.

infosec products November 2019

Nubeva Cloud Tool templates simplify cloud security and application monitoring

Nubeva Technologies released new cloud formation templates that enable open source monitoring and analytics tools to see fully decrypted packet traffic in public and private clouds when paired with Nubeva TLS Decrypt. The free-to-use templates are infrastructure-as-code solutions that launch an environment that includes monitoring solutions Moloch, Suricata, Zeek, Wireshark and ntop.

infosec products November 2019

Rancher Labs completes its Kubernetes-as-a-service solution stack for ITOps and DevOps teams

Rancher Labs announced the general availability of K3s, their lightweight, certified Kubernetes distribution purpose built for small footprint workloads, along with the beta release of Rio, their new application deployment engine for Kubernetes that delivers a fully integrated deployment experience from operations to pipeline.

infosec products November 2019

IBM Cloud Pak for Security hunts threats across security tools and clouds without moving data

IBM Cloud Pak for Security is the first platform to leverage new open-source technology pioneered by IBM, which can search and translate security data from a variety of sources, bringing together critical security insights from across a company’s multicloud IT environment. The platform is extensible, so that additional tools and applications can be added over time.

infosec products November 2019

Arctic Wolf augments portfolio with corporate credential exposure detection

Arctic Wolf Networks announced the addition of Account Takeover Risk Detection capabilities, allowing customers of the Arctic Wolf Managed Risk service to identify corporate credential exposures to the dark web.

infosec products November 2019

Trend Micro Cloud One: Security services platform for orgs building apps in the cloud

Trend Micro Cloud One has the flexibility to solve immediate customer challenges and the innovation to rapidly evolve with cloud services. It is complemented by enhanced container security and brand-new offerings for application security, network security, file storage security and cloud security posture management to ensure cloud infrastructure is optimally configured.

infosec products November 2019

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