Nubeva Cloud Tool templates simplify cloud security and application monitoring

Nubeva Technologies, a SaaS software developer providing network decryption and visibility for enterprise cloud computing environments, released new cloud formation templates that enable open source monitoring and analytics tools to see fully decrypted packet traffic in public and private clouds when paired with Nubeva TLS Decrypt.

Nubeva Cloud Tool

Nubeva’s industry award-winning SSL / TLS decryption solution and packet capture utilities now provide security and DevOps teams with the foundation needed to monitor and inspect packet traffic around critical applications in clouds.

The free-to-use Nubeva Cloud Tool templates are innovative, infrastructure-as-code solutions that launch a cloud-ready, scalable, resilient and AWS Well-Architected environment that includes the commonly used open source network monitoring solutions Moloch, Suricata, Zeek, Wireshark and ntop.

“As companies move to the cloud, IT teams want to see traffic to troubleshoot potential issues using open source tools. Until now there has been little available information on how to set them up as production-worthy native cloud implementations,” said Erik Freeland, director of Customer Engineering at Nubeva.

“Our new Cloud Tool templates provide an easy-to-use, well-architected processes — fully running in less than 30 minutes with just one click — so IT teams can use their tools more effectively in their cloud subscriptions.”

Nubeva provides cloud security and network expertise to help its enterprise clients monitor packets at scale. The company applied its cloud expertise to deliver Cloud Tool templates for AWS that also can be adapted to any cloud. In 2020, the company plans to create additional templates that support Google Cloud, Azure and private clouds using VMware.

Launching Nubeva Cloud Tools

Nubeva’s tool launcher is designed to enable production-ready, scalable, resilient open source tools for testing, learning and full production. The templates generate systems that are built from code versus static AMI or VM images thus enabling and ensuring dynamic builds using the latest software releases.

Nubeva Cloud Tools are immediately available for AWS cloud subscribers using Amazon VPC traffic mirroring, as well as any type of packet mirroring/replication. The Cloud Tools support:

  • Moloch – a packet capture and indexing system
  • Suricata – a signature based network threat detection engine
  • Zeek (BRO) – a network analysis framework for network security monitoring and analysis
  • Wireshark – a network protocol analyzer
  • NTOP – a network flow analyzer of web-based traffic

The templates produce production-worthy systems for end users. Nubeva encourages customers to test and review the tools prior to production use.

The simple to use tool launcher is fully automated and works with open source tools to decrypt packet traffic continuously or as needed. Users can deploy a single tool or launch all five and run them full-time or as needed, with simple delete and reinstall capabilities.

Designed as cloud infrastructure-as-code, IT teams also have the ability to deploy and use their open source tools in cloud environments based on on-demand scenarios.

The Nubeva Tool Launcher can be used to:

  • Create a monitoring learning lab to identify what’s possible in a cloud environment.
  • Establish full production monitoring using security teams and specific rules.
  • Perform event-based monitoring to enhance telemetry when anomalies occur.

Combined with Nubeva’s TLS Decrypt solution, Nubeva Cloud Tool templates deliver unprecedented network visibility that is essential for security and application monitoring in cloud.

Nubeva created its TLS Decrypt solution to enable cybersecurity and DevOps professionals to aggressively embrace the newest TLS standards for enhanced security without sacrificing the necessary ability to monitor and inspect their network traffic in detail.

This includes seeing data in motion, application calls to systems and cloud platforms, and command and control traffic, which is essential for security, governance and compliance to many organizations.

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