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Top cybersecurity concerns for the upcoming elections

In this Help Net Security video, Adam Marrè, CISO at Arctic Wolf, explains how state and local governments must focus on cybersecurity as the 2024 election approaches in the …

“Security researcher” offers to delete data stolen by ransomware attackers

When organizations get hit by ransomware and pay the crooks to decrypt the encrypted data and delete the stolen data, they can never be entirely sure the criminals will do as …

cybersecurity budget
Maximizing cybersecurity on a budget

A cybersecurity budget is an allocation of resources, both financial and otherwise, dedicated to protecting an organization’s digital assets from cyber threats. This …

Qlik Sense flaws exploited in Cactus ransomware campaign

Attackers are exploiting three critical vulnerabilities in internet-facing Qlik Sense instances to deliver Cactus ransomware to target organizations, Arctic Wolf researchers …

Attackers exploiting Apache ActiveMQ flaw to deliver ransomware (CVE-2023-46604)

Ransomware-wielding attackers are trying to break into servers running outdated versions of Apache ActiveMQ by exploiting a recently fixed vulnerability (CVE-2023-46604). …

Cisco ASA 5500-X
Cisco VPNs with no MFA enabled hit by ransomware groups

Since March 2023 (and possibly even earlier), affiliates of the Akira and LockBit ransomware operators have been breaching organizations via Cisco ASA SSL VPN appliances. …

Infosecurity Europe 2023
Infosecurity Europe 2023 video walkthrough

Infosecurity Europe 2023 is taking place in London this week, and this video provides a closer look at this year’s event.

fighting ransomware
Fighting ransomware: Perspectives from cybersecurity professionals

Ransomware has become an ever-present threat to individuals, businesses, and even entire nations. In this Help Net Security round-up, we present parts of previously recorded …

RSAC 2023 Arctic Wolf
Photos: RSA Conference 2023, part 3

RSA Conference 2023 is taking place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Check out our microsite for the conference for all the most important news. Part 1 of the photos is …

How to best allocate IT and cybersecurity budgets in 2023

Despite the economic uncertainty, 57% of organizations plan to increase their cybersecurity budgets in 2023, according to a survey from Arctic Wolf. This highlights a powerful …

Steps CISA should take in 2023

Recently, I was asked to imagine that I had been granted an hour with top officials at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) – what advice would I …

security platform
Arctic Wolf IR JumpStart Retainer addresses accessibility challenges for organizations

Arctic Wolf launched Arctic Wolf Incident Response (IR) JumpStart Retainer, an incident response offering that helps organizations proactively plan for cyber incidents without …

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