Xiologix appoints Brian Page as CTO

Xiologix is excited to announce that Brian Page has joined the team as the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Brian’s hire represents Xiologix’ commitment to offering a full portfolio of IT solutions founded on security-focused architecture and scalability.

“Brian has a proven track record for building modern IT services and solutions,” said Greg Still, Xiologix’ CEO. “His passion for security-based infrastructure will be invaluable as our threat landscape evolves and broadens and will allow Xiologix to continue as a trusted leader in delivering best-in-class IT services and solutions for our customers.”

Brian brings over 20 years of experience working in a variety of IT environments from local SMBs to global Fortune 10 datacenters. He has maintained his CISSP credential for more than ten years and was most recently a Senior Cloud Security Architect for Fortinet, where he grew to specialize in hyper-convergence, and public cloud solutions.

He uses this knowledge and experience to help build secure, hybrid cloud solutions and brings understanding to where various cloud solutions make sense in an organization’s technology strategy. Additionally, Brian has extensive experience as a Director of Managed Services.

He is highly skilled in being able to identify the pros and cons of technology solutions far beyond the marketing speak and is very effective in communicating complex solutions with highly technical audiences, C-Level executives, and SMB leaders alike.

“I am thrilled to be part of Xiologix! I have worked with Xiologix for many years before joining the team and have great respect for the level of care that Xiologix demonstrates for their clients.

“Greg Still, Owner and Managing Partner and his team have always exemplified the principle ‘Do what is right and do it well.’ This culture creates a relationship with clients that builds true partnerships and fosters successful technology projects,” said Brian.

“As the Chief Technology Officer, I am working on expanding Xiologix’ security, cloud, and managed service offerings. The people at Xiologix are not only the key to my success but also the clients we serve. Lawrence Bossidy once said, ‘At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.’ I am delighted to be part of such a team.”

Brian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information System Security as well as a Master of Business Administration degree. He lives in Washington, and on his off hours can be found hiking the backcountry with his wife and his four-year-old labradoodle Willie.

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