Yubico launches latest version of its Authenticator mobile application for iOS

Yubico, the leading provider of hardware authentication security keys, launched the latest version (v1.1) of its Yubico Authenticator mobile application for iOS. The app now extends support for near field communication (NFC) on iOS, delivering tap-and-go flexibility in addition to authentication over a Lightning connection.

Yubico Authenticator

The Yubico Authenticator App series now works seamlessly across all major desktop and mobile platforms, with full support for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

With the increasing adoption of two-factor authentication (2FA), time-based one-time passcode (TOTP) authenticator apps have grown in popularity — in large part due to the rapid rise in phishing attacks and credential theft. While these apps deliver some level of protection, there are still additional security and portability limitations.

Yubico Authenticator flips the model of traditional authenticator apps — which store user credentials on a mobile device — with a hardware-based YubiKey approach. Unique TOTP credentials are stored on the YubiKey, which offers an additional layer of security since the secrets are not stored on a multi-purpose computing device.

It also significantly increases convenience since the TOTP codes can be used between phones, tablets and computers. Users can carry all of their credentials on their YubiKey between services, applications and devices, providing a good balance of usability, security and portability.

“The Yubico Authenticator is an amazing companion app to the YubiKey, now fully functional and available across all major platforms,” said Guido Appenzeller, Chief Product Officer, Yubico.

“It is a powerful tool in a user’s 2FA arsenal, and extends the benefits of hardware-backed authentication to an exponential amount of services. Users now have the option to secure accounts that don’t offer native security key support, delivering even better YubiKey security.”

Yubico Authenticator is compatible with any service or application that offers existing support for other TOTP authentication apps such as Authy, Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator.

Similar to other authentication apps, setup is done by scanning a QR code made available from the service provider. To receive the one-time passcode for login, Yubico Authenticator requires a user to present their YubiKey — via USB, Lightning, or NFC — before making the code visible.

Yubico Authenticator is compatible with the multi-protocol YubiKey 5 Series, in addition to previous YubiKey 4 Series and YubiKey NEO devices, as it leverages the TOTP authentication protocol.

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