TP-Link HomeCare Pro: A smart home IoT security solution powered by Avira

TP-Link, a leading global provider of consumer and business networking products, unveiled HomeCare Pro powered by Avira, an advanced network security solution that protects every device on your home network.

TP-Link HomeCare Pro

“TP-Link is proud to partner with security leader Avira to provide its next-generation cyber threat protection system, HomeCare Pro,” said Louis Liu, CEO of TP-Link USA.

“In today’s connected home, advanced security features that go beyond traditional router firewalls are now a must-have for consumers. HomeCare Pro protects your home Wi-Fi network by inspecting and monitoring every connected device including laptops, smartphones, routers, smart TVs, IoT appliances and more, and then performs a vulnerability check, ensuring that all devices are protected against cyber threats and that hackers stay off your network and out of your home.”

When TP-Link unveiled HomeCare a few years ago, it set forth a new standard for networking security. TP-Link learned that its customers love having the ability to customize their security settings and manage their network more easily to meet the needs of their family.

With the introduction of HomeCare Pro, TP-Link is taking this one step further and adding additional layers of IoT protection and parental control. While previous networking security solutions focus on PC or smartphone protection, they can’t identify, and in turn, protect IoT devices effectively.

Powered by Avira, Homecare Pro can better identify smart home devices and check to determine if they are safe. With Homecare Pro, users will be notified if a related security function needs to be enabled or optimized to protect not only endpoints like laptops or smartphones, but also IoT devices like smart bulbs, smart thermostats, smart plugs and more.

Additionally, HomeCare Pro offers more robust parental control features to meet the needs of your family. With scene mode, you can turn off Wi-Fi connectivity to several devices at once making it easier for everyone to concentrate at the dinner table or focus during homework time.

HomeCare Pro also offers rewards, so it’s easier to reward your child with internet time for doing their chores.

Powerful antivirus solutions

  • Multi-platform antivirus
  • Malicious site blocking
  • Intrusion prevention
  • End-devices protection

True IoT security

  • IoT detection
  • Optimized IoT protection
  • Safety check
  • Recommend security functions

Parental controls

  • Content filter
  • Time limits
  • Easy management
  • Records and statistics
  • Scene Mode to bring families together undistracted
  • Rewards help your kids earn additional internet time

Enhanced reports

  • Comprehensive reports outline device and time usage
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