Mobilestack offers managed WiFi and Security Service for Small Business and AirBNB hosts

Mobilestack announces availability of managed WiFi and Security Service to solve cybersecurity and privacy risks for Small Business and AirBNB hosts.

At $25 per month with one month free trial, small business and AirBNB hosts can offer Guest-WiFi to grow their business without any security risks and privacy concerns.

Are you worried about your data-privacy and security? Small office owners do not have technical expertise to develop a cyber-secure WiFi and security solution. Your WiFi Solution must separate Guest-traffic. Customizable Captive-Portal can be used to improve your brand and business. Beware – sharing your WiFi password with Guests is not safe.

Poor WiFi throughout office space is a problem. 4G/5G connection is useful to ensure WAN connectivity.


Mobilestack offers secure wireless and cloud service to small business customers with a starting price of $25 per month with one month of free trial. Managed Office-Fi Service provides WiFi network equipment (router and extenders) with traffic separation of business traffic from guest traffic and ensure data security.

Additional services are available for Secure file-sharing service with cloud backup, VPN service for remote access to business data.

AirBNB-Fi Service is offered to AirBNB Hosts for separate personal WiFi and Guest-WiFi access via customized guest-portal.

Hotspot-Fi Service is offered for Public-safety, Defense, Public-WiFi, Car-WiFi, Mobile Office-WiFi, Buses with guest-WiFi and Logistics customers.

Education-Fi Service Extendable WiFi with routers and wifi-extenders in each classroom for K-12 education and customized portal for guest WiFi access.

IoT-Fi Service – Extendable WiFi with routers with BLE/Zigbee support and wifi-extenders support with quick setup and customized portal for guest WiFi access.

“Managed Office-Fi Service solves critical small business need to ensure privacy and security with Guest-WiFi support and Captive-Portal to grow business with a piece of mind,” says Praveen Gupta, Founder of Mobilestack.

Balancing WiFi connectivity with proper security protection of business data, services and traffic is important. Small business owners do not have deep pockets to tackle cyber-security issues.

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