NETSCOUT delivers DDoS visibility and protection for service providers and large enterprises

NETSCOUT, a market leader in service assurance, security, and business analytics, announced Arbor Sightline with Sentinel to deliver the next generation of DDoS visibility and protection for service providers and large enterprises.

Combining core ARBOR NETWORKS and NETSCOUT Layer 7 technologies with intelligent analytics, machine learning, and automation, Sightline with Sentinel integrates network infrastructure defense functions into an orchestrated capability that delivers unparalleled protection for network, customer, and application services at a lower cost.

“As networks evolve, operators are looking to mitigate DDoS attacks at the network’s edge with speed and accuracy,” stated Jeff Wilson, research director and advisor, cybersecurity technology, IHS Markit (now part of Informa Tech).

“They’re challenged by the growth of IoT-enabled botnets, and the unknowns brought about by technologies like 5G, which make planning DDoS mitigation for the near future very difficult. They need always-on, automated solutions that offer Layer 7 visibility and protection so they can roll out new services to their customers across networks.”

“A majority of the world’s internet service providers, along with data center operators and large network operators, rely on NETSCOUT Arbor solutions for advanced DDoS protection,” said Tom Lyons, vice president of product management, NETSCOUT.

“Sightline with Sentinel significantly builds upon NETSCOUT’s Smart Data technology, which uses its patented Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology leveraging Layer 7 visibility and intelligent analytics to deliver smart visibility and detection that identifies application-layer threats at Terabit scale.

“NETSCOUT is the first to deliver inter-provider signaling to give ISPs and large network operators the means to coordinate their attack response. Also, Sightline with Sentinel provides orchestrated mitigation that allows the network to play an active role as a defense shield to block threats closer to the network’s edge, enabling next-generation always-on, value-added services.”

Smart visibility

ISPs need visibility at the network, application, and services layers to optimize network utilization and cost, and to maximize value-added service revenue.

Sightline with Sentinel leverages NETSCOUT Smart Data to provide service- and application-layer visibility, augmenting flow data to deliver additional insight and enabling OTT service analysis and content delivery optimization across complex, high-scale networks.

Using Layer 7 visibility, Sightline with Sentinel will provide ISPs with a deep understanding of the services their customers use, as well as allow them to detect a broader range of application-layer threats to enable a new breed of visibility and security value-added services.

Inter-provider signaling

Through inter-provider signaling, Sightline with Sentinel ushers in a new era of DDoS defense by sharing attack data with seamless coordination of attack responses between ISPs and large network operators regionally and across the globe.

The new inter-provider signaling function allows these network operators to share their attack data and proactively coordinate defense against DDoS attacks, stopping them nearer to their source.

Smart protection

Sightline with Sentinel uses smart visibility to drive new intelligent automated analytics and mitigation functions, inside and outside of the network, to reduce the cost of managing DDoS attacks.

Sightline with Sentinel understands the capabilities of routers within a multi-vendor infrastructure and uses these capabilities – in combination with the Arbor Threat Mitigation System (TMS) – to mitigate any attack, regardless of size and complexity.

Sightline with Sentinel is the only product that can provide smart protection, combining all available infrastructure capabilities and delivering detailed reporting on all dropped traffic, even that dropped by BGP Flowspec within network routers and switches.

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