New infosec products of the week: January 31, 2020

Swimlane 10.0: Reducing mean time to detect and response for security incidents

The newest release has yielded up to 35X performance improvement in alarm ingestion rates and up to a 60X improvement in search query response and display rates. Both achievements set new benchmarks for SOAR platforms, significantly reducing mean time to detect and response for security incidents.

infosec products January 2020

RiskSense Ransomware Dashboard automatically reveals exposure to specific attacks

RiskSense announced a Ransomware Dashboard that automatically reveals an organization’s exposure to specific attacks including the ransomware family name, vulnerabilities they exploit, the assets at risk and remediation steps to prevent an infection.

infosec products January 2020

Cisco launches IoT security architecture to deliver enhanced visibility across IoT and OT environments

Cisco introduced an IoT security architecture that provides enhanced visibility across both IT and OT environments, and protects industrial processes. Cisco’s new solutions enable the collection and extraction of data from the IoT edge so organizations can increase efficiencies to make better business decisions and accelerate digitization projects.

infosec products January 2020

Magnet Forensics unveils new solution that simplifies remote forensics investigations

Magnet Forensics released Magnet AXIOM Cyber, an innovative new solution purpose-built for organizations that need to perform remote acquisitions as well as collect and analyze evidence from cloud sources, computers and mobile devices.

infosec products January 2020

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