Magnet Forensics unveils new solution that simplifies remote forensics investigations

Magnet Forensics released Magnet AXIOM Cyber, an innovative new solution purpose-built for organizations that need to perform remote acquisitions as well as collect and analyze evidence from cloud sources, computers and mobile devices.

Magnet AXIOM Cyber

In addition to all the innovative features found in Magnet AXIOM, Magnet Forensics’ best-in-class digital forensics solution, AXIOM Cyber enables investigators to remotely collect evidence from target endpoints.

Its remote collection agent also allows investigators to covertly deploy it to a device and if connectivity is lost, automatically resume collection of data from the point where it left off.

AXIOM Cyber also helps organizations quickly understand what happened by acquiring and analyzing data across all evidence sources—including cloud, computer and mobile phones. These evidence sources also include brand new Cloud-related features, such as:

  • Using admin credentials to access Office 365, G Suite, and
  • Acquisition from:
    • Enterprise cloud services AWS S3 and EC 2
    • MS Teams
    • Slack (including Slack’s JSON exports)

“We’re extremely proud to bring AXIOM Cyber to customers needing to find a better way of performing remote forensic investigations,” says Jad Saliba, CTO, Magnet Forensics.

“Whether you’re in a company performing a cybersecurity investigation, or you’re a Law Enforcement Examiner combating fraud, AXIOM Cyber can help you find relevant evidence and quickly investigate security events—all while keeping stakeholders like HR, IT, and Legal easily involved.”

AXIOM Cyber can help investigators with a variety of cases, including:

  • FRAUD — Insiders can use their privileged access to modify records and steal or transfer money for financial gain. AXIOM Cyber helps investigators quickly understand what data was accessed and by who.
  • EMPLOYEE MISCONDUCT — Claims of workplace harassment or misuse of corporate assets can be investigated by examining artifacts from the file system, cloud accounts, mobile devices.
  • INCIDENT RESPONSE — AXIOM Cyber can help mitigate the potentially catastrophic effects of network intrusions and malware attacks with quick root cause analysis—including examining memory. This will help investigators understand how an incident occurred so their organization can be safeguarded in the future.
  • IP THEFT — The whole history of a file—where it came from, when it was opened, how it was transferred and to whom—can be crucial to solving data exfiltration cases.

“Cybercrime is on the rise and organizations of all types need to be sure they’re ready to investigate any cases that come their way,” says Adam Belsher, CEO, Magnet Forensics.

“With AXIOM Cyber, we’re giving customers a way to protect themselves from malicious activity—both from outside and within. We want to make sure we’re providing the solutions necessary to investigate these threats as soon as possible.”

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