Cynet announces special offer for Symantec customers

Cynet announced a special offering for Symantec customers, enabling them to seamlessly switch to Cynet 360. Any Symantec customer with a coming license renewal in 2020 can switch to Cynet now and their Cynet license will begin counting only from their Symantec license expiration date.

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Why should Symantec customers switch?

In addition to the uncertainty customers may be experiencing as a result of the acquisition, another key reason for switching to Cynet 360 is the importance of having consolidated endpoint, network and user protection in a single, native platform providing breach protection in an easily deployed platform.

Cynet 360 Autonomous Breach Protection platform

Replacing Symantec endpoint protection with the Cynet 360 Autonomous Breach Protection platform will not only deliver you prevention and detection of advanced cyberattacks but also automate your security operations, from monitoring to full remediation without the need of human intervention.

Cynet 360 can provide Symantec customers with the full benefits of Autonomous Breach Protection, which include:

  • Increased protection: Cynet 360 platform natively integrates endpoint, user and network protection in a single platform that provides a protection level which surpasses endpoint-only products.
  • Simplified operations: Built and designed for operation by any IT professional, Cynet 360 places best of breed breach protection within reach of all organizations, eliminating the need to invest in expensive and hard to find security professionals.
  • Immediate time to value: Available in either SaaS, on-prem or hybrid deployment modes, Cynet 360 delivers robust protection with an extremely light-weight agent that can be deployed across thousands of endpoints within minutes with all protections active and running.

The offer is no longer available.

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