Infosys leverages Oracle-based cloud solutions to enable orgs to transform into live enterprises

Infosys, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, leverages Oracle Cloud technologies to empower businesses across Europe to transform into ‘Live Enterprises’, helping them drive intuitive decisions, automate processes, create new user experiences and reinvent businesses for accelerated growth.

One such organisation that has transformed its way of working, in collaboration with Infosys and leveraging Oracle technology, is the University of Nottingham. The UK-based institution wanted to overhaul its academic and student management system to improve productivity and drive growth.

To address the complex IT infrastructure that was previously in place, the university rolled out Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions in partnership with Infosys, which is detailed in this case study. The new integrated system is expected to bring dramatic productivity and user experience improvements for both employees and students.

Digital security leader Gemalto, a Thales company, has also enhanced its operations leveraging the Infosys and Oracle alliance, by setting up a robust single source of master data management and improving data integrity.

Rémi Médevielle, Global ERP Program Director at Gemalto, a Thales company, commented: “We undertook an ambitious digital transformation project to integrate our ERP platforms into a single, shared global platform.

“Our partner, Infosys helped guide us in streamlining and optimizing key processes and automating workloads, ultimately resulting in significant improvements in data integrity and management across our team.”

Meanwhile, bpost, Belgium’s leading postal operator, worked with Infosys to replace a previous Oracle ERP solution with a new system using Oracle Cloud Solutions. This enabled the company to streamline its business processes, while also reducing the cost of future support and maintenance.

Olivier Hernandez, CIO Corporate Services at bpost, commented: “Infosys has been a key partner in shaping our work to transform our organisation’s digital processes.

“Whilst many of our processes were previously manual, with the new Oracle Digital Platform we have been able to automate and gather actionable insights on our Sourcing, Procure to Pay and Record to Record processes. Infosys worked with us to optimise and consolidate this using Oracle Cloud Solutions, greatly streamlining our operations.”

“We’re delighted to see continued momentum amongst our customers in Europe as they embark upon their Live Enterprise journey with Oracle-based solutions,” said Dinesh Rao, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Applications Services at Infosys.

“Europe is a region of intense growth and focus for us, as we continue to invest in our localisation offering here. Together with our partnership with Oracle, Infosys is uniquely positioned to empower our customers with the latest next-generation technologies and agile business processes that increase efficiency, maximise productivity, and improve the user and customer experience, ultimately accelerating our clients’ transformation on their Live Enterprise journey.”

Infosys is a Platinum Cloud Elite level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), and the Infosys Oracle collaboration spans across a wide variety of technologies including but not limited to ERP, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, SCM, HCM, CX, Autonomous Database and Oracle Cloud.

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