SecureAge enhances SyncDog’s solution to offer file and folder encryption for every file

SyncDog, the leading Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for next generation mobile security and data loss prevention, announced their partnership with SecureAge, a proven leader in enterprise encryption solutions and AI powered anti-malware technology.

The partnership will integrate two of SecureAge’s flagship products into SyncDog’s Secure.Systems platform to enhance protections for data needed by the mobile workforce and the BYOD-enabled organizations that employ them.

SecureAge will incorporate SecureAPlus and SecureData into Secure.Systems. The former is SecureAge’s AI-powered anti-malware and application integrity solution. SAPlus will ensure data access will be limited to authorized applications for designated purposes across all endpoints.

The latter is an enterprise security product that transparently encrypts information at the file level, keeping all user data safe — whether at rest, in motion or in use.

SyncDog combines a seamless user experience with FIPS compliant encryption for mobile devices. Designed to meet the needs of a BYOD (bring your own device) or CYOD (choose your own device) policy, Secure.Systems lets organizations easily integrate the platform into existing endpoint management solutions and can be deployed from on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environments.

SyncDog’s solution gives users an unmatched mobile experience akin to that of a desktop or laptop protected by an isolated and encrypted workspace.

The addition of SecureAPlus and SecureData will augment Secure.Systems’ capabilities as a mobile-centric secure workspace, ensuring that users have stronger data encryption at the file level that is sustained as files travel from mobile to in-network desktops and servers.

Finally offering organizations full end to end file and folder encryption no matter what device is being used to access the data.

“The BYOD market offers increased flexibility and significant savings but also has the potential to put organizations at risk if employees are operating on unsecured and unmanaged devices,” said Brian Egenrieder, Chief Revenue Officer at SyncDog.

“By securely enabling BYOD, companies can negate the need for costly and misapplied solutions while keeping the valuable data within their enterprise applications secure yet accessible. SecureAge’s anti-malware and data encryption solutions are important additions to the Secure.Systems platform.

“The additional tools will provide our customers with a single encryption solution connecting desktop / laptop usage through to their mobility endpoints with an enterprise security environment that counters advanced threats and secures data at the source.”

SecureAge offers customers a total cybersecurity product suite adaptable for any size organization or any style of deployment. It’s highly customizable and doesn’t interfere with other network processes or applications, ensuring that organizations have data security, application integrity through whitelisting, and optimal usability (no training or security knowledge required).

Designed to protect data at the file level through PKI encryption, SecureAge can ensure it stays secure in motion and at rest across all software and hardware systems.

“With BYOD policies seeing wider adoption in the enterprise, every unencrypted device is a costly potential threat vector for businesses,” said Jerry Ray, COO, SecureAge.

“And as the reliance on personal devices in the workplace continues to grow, solutions like Secure.Systems will become a more integral tool for security teams to better protect mobile workforces from bad actors. Bringing SecureAge’s products into the fold will strengthen those capabilities to minimize the vulnerability landscape across the board.”

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