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At a certain point, almost every organization reaches the conclusion that there is a need to move past the standard AV and firewall stack in order to protect their environment. The Advanced Threat Protection Beyond the AV guide guides security executives through the pros and cons of each solution type, and also outlines a best-practice approach that allows companies to combine the advantages of both approaches – without actually buying both.

guide Advanced Threat Protection

The Advanced Threat Protection Beyond the AV guide dives deep to explain the differences between the endpoint and network-based approaches, specifying the pros and cons of each and leading to the conclusion that the best protection against cyberthreats entails combining the capabilities of both approaches.

The guide is an ideal knowledge resource for several types of security buyers:

  • Large enterprises that have a well-resourced security team that operate an already existing multi-product security stack. These organizations ultimately will deploy both solutions side by side but need to prioritize and evaluate them against the products they already have in place.
  • Mid-market companies that would typically make a single ‘advanced security’ investment, and need to gain precise knowledge on the nature of protection this investment translates to.
  • Any organization that historically deployed a solution from either approach, and is actively experiencing a security gap. This type of buyer should have the tools to learn if these gaps can be addressed by a solution from the other approach.

This guide is no longer available.

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