Tufin unveils new tool that delivers real-time visibility into firewall rule changes for orgs of all sizes

Tufin, a company pioneering a policy-centric approach to security and IT operations, announced the availability of the Tufin Firewall Change Tracker, a new free tool that delivers real-time visibility into firewall rule changes for organizations of all sizes.

The new tool enables security teams to view multi-vendor firewall changes in real time and centrally monitor what was changed by whom, when and why – regardless of whether the firewall is physical, virtual, in the cloud or on-premise.

The recent spike in remote work is putting unprecedented strain on organizations’ network and security teams due to the surge in new access requests from remote employees. The increase in requests that IT and security managers must contend with translates into an increased scale of firewall rule changes across their datacenters and cloud.

“It’s overwhelming, and nearly impossible for security teams to monitor and analyze every change across their hybrid IT environment – changes that are becoming increasingly complex with such a dramatic increase in remote workers and new access requests,” said Reuven Harrison, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Tufin.

“Enterprises now have to deal with many new devices that people are pushing changes to, and that not only introduces tremendous risk to the network but also creates real roadblocks to connectivity. Our Firewall Change Tracker is the only free tool on the market giving organizations of all sizes immediate visibility they need to deal with this challenge.”

Tufin’s Firewall Change Tracker, based on the award-winning Tufin Orchestration Suite, is the only tool on the market that enables users to view and track changes across multiple vendor firewall devices, leveraging Tufin’s broad integration with all leading firewall vendors.

The tool enables:

  • Firewall configuration change monitoring, enabling security teams to easily view what was changed, by whom, when, and why
  • Centralized visibility into firewall changes across firewall vendors, allowing organizations to view all multi-vendor devices from a single dashboard
  • Easy detection and ability to troubleshoot misconfigurations and security issues by comparing different change revisions.

The Tufin Firewall Change Tracker is available now, with quick and easy installation. With just a few clicks to deployment, users can get it up and running immediately. Tufin provides all of the necessary documentation to help users install and use the tool.

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