Entrust Datacard unveils a single portal to discover, control and automate certificate management

Entrust Datacard, a leading provider of trusted identity and secure transaction technology solutions, announced the Entrust Datacard Certificate Hub, a portal that allows customers to find, control and automate their public and private certificate deployments via a single pane of glass.

Entrust Datacard Certificate Hub

The use of digital certificates has become significantly more complex. Traditional PKI use cases like user authentication and VPN security now coexist with use cases like the Internet of Things (IoT), software containerization and DevOps systems.

This has increased the number of digital certificates overall, and created demand for short-lived certificates and massively distributed infrastructures. As digital certificates proliferate, enterprises must deliver on the promise of automation to leverage modern cloud and application development methods.

“Security-minded enterprises have a critical need to track their certificates and know when they’re going to expire. Many enterprises struggle to track their certificates and proactively manage them — their environments have grown too complex and distributed to manage hundreds or thousands of certificates on spreadsheets, which opens weaknesses that attackers prey upon,” said Robyn Westerveldt, Research Director, Security & Trust at IDC.

“A certificate lifecycle management tool like Certificate Hub helps enterprises deal with complexity by standardizing, simplifying and streamlining certificate discovery, management and automation.”

Organizations using Entrust Datacard Certificate Hub gain visibility and management across their Entrust Datacard private and publicly trusted Certificate Authorities (CAs), as well as Microsoft CAs.

The platform provides an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that acts as an enforcement point to centrally manage policy and certificate lifecycle management activities including network discovery, certificate issuance and fully automated reporting.

Certificate Hub is fully compatible with existing PKI integrations, so it complements rather than disrupts an organization’s current environment. The application deploys on premise using modern orchestration technology and uses modular pluggable components for expansion and future growth.

Certificate Hub supports Entrust Security Manager (both on-premise and Entrust-managed), Entrust Certificate Services (SSL/TLS), and Microsoft CAs.

Customers can choose between three service tiers, each without certificate limits:

  • Find: Take inventory of all deployed certificates across your organization through the network discovery scanner. Send automated notifications and reports to stakeholders and certificate owners using the Certificate Hub report designer and scheduler.
  • Control: Issue, renew and revoke certificates from multiple CAs using either guided graphic dialogs or an underlying REST API. Use the “CA Source Scan” function to ensure that all issued certificates are visible regardless of end destination.
  • Automate: Deploy and rotate certificates without the need for agents or on-device clients.

“Proper certificate lifecycle management tools and strategies help businesses avoid the risk of outages and critical system breaches,” said Jon Ferguson, Director of Product Management at Entrust Datacard. “Certificate Hub streamlines certificate lifecycle management by providing a single portal where customers can discover, report and manage all certificates across their organization.”

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