ZeroFOX’s AI-powered platform now includes security for Zoom and Slack

ZeroFOX has extended its artificial intelligence (AI) powered platform to now include advanced cyberattack protection capabilities for business collaboration platforms.

ZeroFOX Enterprise Remote Workforce Protection

ZeroFOX Enterprise Remote Workforce Protection offers advanced threat protection for both Zoom and Slack, cloud-based applications required by organizations in today’s work from home world.

As adoption of these remote work platforms has exploded, emerging threats have developed to capitalize on that adoption. Zoom, in particular, has been the target of many such attacks. The ZeroFOX Alpha Team uncovered thousands of cracked Zoom accounts for sale on a single hacking forum and entire websites dedicated to sharing insecure Zoom call IDs.

Although Zoom has recently released updates focused on security and privacy, attackers are still able to easily target organizations and their employees through a variety of attacks that abuse the platform. It is critical to safeguard private information and users that leverage these collaboration platforms to do their jobs on a daily basis.

Remote work and business collaboration platforms like Zoom and Slack are rapidly expanding the publicly accessible attack surface of every organization. Organizations using these digital platforms require visibility and protection to identify risks like sensitive information leakage, malicious links and file sharing, and compliance violations.

To help organizations immediately address these issues, ZeroFOX is offering complimentary Zoom and Slack protection during this unprecedented time.

“Continuing a quick pace of innovation and maintaining world-class protection during this pandemic for the benefit of our customers is our priority,” said James C. Foster, CEO of ZeroFOX.

“We have seen a 189% increase in phishing-related attacks over the past six months and unsuspecting employees are the number one target of phishing attacks. We know that modern organizations rely heavily on Zoom and Slack to support operations while most employees are working from home today due to COVID-19. “We are proud to offer our customers complimentary access to our advanced security protection for Zoom and Slack.”

The ZeroFOX Enterprise Remote Workforce Protection solution provides customers the ability to secure and gain visibility into threats targeting collaboration platforms that traditional cybersecurity tools miss.

  • Advanced Security for Zoom ensures the organization has secure video conferencing and collaboration, free from Zoombombing and other security issues recently experienced by many organizations. The solution will ensure secure password-enabled meetings, identify malicious and fraudulent Zoom links, and protect credentials on Zoom. In addition, the solution enables organizations to identify and take down fraudulent Zoom meetings and links pretending to be your brand or people to interact with customers, partners, or employees.
  • Advanced Security for Slack automates how organizations establish compliance and inline protection within the team collaboration application. With turnkey set-up, the organization will receive real-time notifications and automated remediation for inappropriate content, malicious links and files, and sensitive data shared on Slack channels. Advanced threat protection is the cornerstone for establishing good work from home (WFH) compliance policies and protecting companies from potential exposures.

ZeroFOX is offering a 15-day trial to help organizations protect their employees, customers and partners on Zoom and Slack. Organizations that rely on these business collaboration platforms to enable employees to complete work in a WFH world can activate and immediately secure these channels.

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