Privitar Data Privacy Platform now natively integrates with Google Cloud

Privitar, the leading data privacy platform provider, announced that the Privitar Data Privacy Platform now natively integrates with the Google Cloud Platform.

The new integration adds to Privitar’s native support of public cloud services, including AWS and Azure, and enables customers to seamlessly protect and extract the maximum value from the sensitive data they collect, manage and use.

“Traditional security measures such as encryption and attribute based access control are not sufficient as we increase the exposure to sensitive data assets in the cloud. Complimentary privacy controls are essential, particularly for analytics applications that need to optimise data utility,” said Jason du Preez, CEO of Privitar.

“Privitar’s native integration with Google Cloud Platform makes it easy for customers to leverage their data to gain valuable insights and to support data-driven decisions, without jeopardizing its safety.”

The Privitar Data Privacy Platform provides a unique combination of privacy techniques, governance and management features that are essential to any organization embracing data-driven insight. The native integration with Google Cloud Platform enables customers to:

  • Use data safely on Google Cloud by protecting it with the Privitar Platform.
  • Protect their data inside of Google Cloud Storage.
  • Use Google Cloud Dataproc clusters to apply scalable protection to data, either on HDFS or in Google Cloud Storage.
  • Use the Google Cloud BigTable NoSQL database as a scalable, safe Token Vault.
  • Minimize the overhead of managing infrastructure and lower the cost of entry to safely use sensitive data in Google Cloud, by using native cloud services instead of managing servers.
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