Inspur InCloud OpenStack sets new SPEC records in results for four key technology indicators

Recently, SPEC (Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation) announced the test results for the latest SPEC Cloud IaaS 2018. Inspur InCloud OpenStack rewrote history by setting new records in results for four key technology indicators in performance, scalability, application instances, and provisioning time, proving to be a leading platform for the future construction of data centers.

Leading in all areas of technology in performance and scalability

The main test indicators of SPEC Cloud IaaS 2018 include performance, relative scalability and average instance deployment time.

According to the test results published on the SPEC website, based on a multi-node two-socket server basic computing platform with 2nd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, InCloud OpenStack had an average virtual deployment time of 36 seconds and a relative scalability of 85.5%, which means that the platform can maintain near-linear scalable performance as the service load increases, has strong and elastic deployment capabilities and extremely low response time, and can fully guarantee business continuity.

The test results show that InCloud OpenStack can efficiently complete the scheduling of various loads such as I/O and computing, and its performance growth shows leading linear scalability. Therefore, it is fully capable of meeting the cloud requirements of users, whether they are traditional business requirements or cloud requirements for innovative applications such as big data and artificial intelligence.

From maximum scale to optimal performance

In September 2019, InCloud OpenStack based on OpenStack Rocky completed the world’s largest single-cluster test, verifying the platform’s performance in terms of high availability, high performance and high efficiency under large-scale conditions.

This latest SPEC Cloud test verified InCloud OpenStack’s leadership in terms of platform performance, scalability and business load adaptability.

Inspur helps more than 8,500 customers worldwide achieve cloud transformation. InCloud OpenStack features more than 500 technologies, solutions and service partners.

Inspur’s contributions to the OpenStack community have earned top rankings worldwide. With its proven strong product strength, InCloud OpenStack is continuously expanding its leading position in the private cloud market, and helping more users achieve digital transformation goals.

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