Trustgrid and WireGuard integration allows for wide-scale enterprise adoption of software-defined perimeter

Trustgrid, a pioneer and leader in connecting centralized applications to distributed data sets, announced it now supports WireGuard, making Trustgrid one of the first data connectivity platforms to implement this new feature.

Integration of WireGuard into Trustgrid’s software-defined connectivity platform allows hosts and users to connect to cloud-based and on-premise applications via a cost-effective and highly secure software-defined perimeter (SDP).

WireGuard is a simple, highly performant VPN that utilizes state-of-the-art cryptography. Designed to run everything from general purpose VPN tasks to connecting the most powerful computers in the world, WireGuard is an open-source networking technology that was originally released into the Linux kernel earlier this year.

Most recently, it has also become widely available across most popular OS platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

With the ability to leverage Trustgrid’s cloud management portal, this integration allows enterprises using WireGuard-enabled networks to apply policy controls, gain global visibility over WireGuard-enabled environments and incorporate the use of existing identity management solutions.

Additionally, Trustgrid’s clients receive the following benefits, including:

  • Visibility and control: Single pane of glass visibility and graphical analysis tools provide IT admins and DevOps a view into the health and flow of all WireGuard-connected devices and users
  • Application policy controls: The ability to define global policies enables control over application and service access within the SDP
  • Advanced network management: Advanced network address translation (NAT) tools allow devices to be defined and appear as any address to ease network management workflows and
  • Identity management integration: Establishing a Zero Trust network environment by leveraging existing identity management solutions, such as Okta or Azure AD, to grant application access based on predefined user roles and groups.

As a SOC2 Type II compliant hybrid cloud connectivity platform, Trustgrid’s connectivity platform allows application providers handling highly sensitive data to ensure that their data and applications are secure and compliant. Incorporating WireGuard-enabled endpoints extends this enhanced level of security to any device or user.

“WireGuard’s VPN has quickly emerged as a modern alternative to IPSec VPNs for any device, container or roaming end user,” said Mark Stavrou, CEO of Trustgrid. “As one of the first data connectivity platforms to provide centralized management features for WireGuard endpoints, we’re excited to help usher this technology into wider enterprise adoption.”

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