Kountable ESG Execution: Ensuring supply chains and distribution networks align with ESG principles

As global organizations continue to commit significant financial and human capital towards ESG goals, Kountable launches ESG Execution Services & Solutions for CEOs and Chairmen who have mandated their corporations to source responsibly, minimize their footprint and meet (Environmental, Social and Governance) ESG standards globally.

Kountable’s ESG Execution practice has been under development for over 24 months and represents a sustained, purpose-led capital commitment to technology, best practices, consulting and methodologies to serve its ESG impact fund customers and SDG-centered asset management partners.

Kountable has developed a framework for addressing third-party risk for fund managers and their clients across ESG, impact and sustainable investing. In today’s investment environment, ESG investors have a mandate to identify the top performing public companies and ensure they are leaders in sustainability, value and purpose across Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards.

This new offering provides software, services and tools to ensure that the supply chains and distribution networks of the Fortune 1000 are aligned with these ESG principles and the UN Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs).

Impact investors globally are investing earlier and deploying more capital into private companies founded with an ESG purpose and governed by sustainable investment criteria. This has rapidly increased the requirements impact Investors, global asset management firms and donor funds have for greater governance, risk measurement and compliance (GRC) across their investment portfolios.

Purpose-led, SDG and ESG-led founders also face a rapidly growing need to provide transparency, integrity and auditability for their sustainability programs and projects across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India.

Kountable can deliver the governance and compliance which, when lacking, limit the amount of capital flowing to these initiatives. Sustainable investors want reliable assurance that their capital creates regenerative economic outcomes and Kountable’s data analytics and business intelligence can prove those outcomes in relative real time.

To Kountable, ESG Execution means that all aspects of the project, funding and oversight adhere to the mandates and standards set by the investment groups and their partners, including:

  • sourcing
  • quality and integrity of the provenance of the goods
  • distribution networks, and
  • recipients of capital

Kountable CEO and Founder, Chris Hale, explains, “Our global network of local execution partners has been using our technology to deliver these results since 2015. The global response to the COVID-19 crisis and the demand we’ve seen from large global organizations, multinational corporations, foundations and asset managers motivated us to launch our ESG practice to serve these clients.”

“The Global South is home to some of the fastest growing economies on the planet, despite being challenged by a general lack of traditional infrastructure, scarcity of information, trade frictions, political and currency risks or even corruption,” said Hale.

“Nevertheless, the benefits to bringing the next billion people securely into the global trade ecosystem to achieve the SDGs and build back better after disasters have made it mandatory to succeed.

“Kountable’s platform exists to manage these risks and protect the trillions of dollars of investment needed to achieve these goals, ensure they are well spent and that investors can forensically prove it.”

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