BitDam provides SMEs with an additional layer of defense against email-based cyber-attacks

BitDam announced that it is available to small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to provide an additional layer of defense against email-based cyber-attacks.

Organizations with 500 users or less can now benefit from BitDam’s Advanced Threat Protection solutions through a simple registration on Microsofts’ marketplace and protect from any type of content-borne attack including phishing and ransomware.

Today, more than ever, as we live through the COVID-19 pandemic, communications such as email, shared URLs, file attachments, chat, video conferencing and cloud drives are transforming the way we collaborate at work, driving business growth and productivity.

SMEs as well as enterprise-level businesses see these channels as the most exploited entry points for 95% of advanced content-borne cyber-attacks today.

BitDam stops unknown threats, even detecting the 25% of unknown threats that other solutions miss, and patches important security holes in SME email and other collaboration platforms.

BitDam’s attack-agnostic technology identifies cyber threats at first encounter, across all collaboration platforms, with 2-click integration with O365 through Microsoft’s marketplace, and without need for professional services.

“So many of us are working from home now; large enterprise employees as well as those at SMEs, and in this environment, the incidents of phishing, ransomware and other malware attacks have been on the rise,” said Liron Barak, CEO, BitDam.

“BitDam is built to protect businesses of all sizes and it only makes sense for us to make our advanced threat protection solutions available to SMEs alongside our larger municipal and enterprise customers. We invite potential customers of all sizes to check out our solutions and see just how easy it can be to protect your company from cyber-attacks with BitDam.”

BitDam continues to respond to the ever-changing cyber threat landscape and in offering protection to SMEs is adapting to their unique needs.

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