Elastic enhances its solutions to help customers derive insights from data

Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack, announced new capabilities across its Elastic Enterprise Search, Observability, and Security solutions, helping customers consume Elastic services more intuitively, onboard more data, and power deeper analysis and insights from that data.

Additionally, Elastic users benefit from new, enhanced capabilities in Elastic Cloud, which is now available in 35 regions and offers easier purchasing options across all major public cloud providers.

Elastic Stack

Delivering enhanced navigation, dashboard drilldowns, and visualizations with:

  • A new side navigation in Kibana organized around use cases that groups the apps that matter to users under solutions (Observability and Security) built around users’ needs.
  • More powerful dashboards with new drilldown capabilities and easier authoring in Kibana, delivering a streamlined process for adding and updating dashboard visualizations and metrics.

Enterprise Search

Equipping admins with powerful tools to manage modern search experiences with:

  • Enterprise authentication mechanisms seamlessly integrated with document-level authorization, bringing the combined power of both SAML-based and document-level authentication for a frictionless, secure, personalized, and scalable search experience.
  • Configurable documents view in App Search to keep tabs on ingested data for more dynamic interactions with that data by searching, sorting, and filtering the content as it’s ingested, directly inside the App Search console without having to switch between screens.


Providing expanded visibility, monitoring, and intelligent service maps with:

  • Complete visibility into Google Cloud operations with an expanded Stackdriver integration that supports metrics collection from the Google Cloud operations suite, providing easy monitoring in the Elastic Stack to optimize and streamline cloud operations.
  • Certificate validity monitoring in Elastic Uptime to automatically track certificate validity and expiration dates on monitored hosts / services — users can view all the certificates detected from their deployed monitors on a single page in the Uptime app, along with relevant information like issuing authority and expiration date.
  • Machine-learning powered service maps that provide health insights via status indicators in Elastic APM that automatically pull data and color service nodes red, yellow, or green based on the severity of the anomaly score tied to the service performance.


Enabling faster response, driving action, and eliminating blind spots with:

  • New Jira Service Desk, Jira Software, and Jira Core integration with Elastic case management, enabling faster response, streamlining workflows, and reducing context switching to enhance analyst productivity.
  • Expanded user interface flexibility that gives security practitioners quicker access to the data they need and new ways to take immediate action with interactive aggregation charts that speed decision making and enable rapid successive hypothesis iterations.
  • New Filebeat modules that easily ingest network and endpoint data to eliminate blindspots and broaden the data immediately available to security teams.

Elastic Cloud

Simplifying operations, expanding deployment options, and streamlining billing for Elastic Cloud with:

  • Support for managing Elastic Cloud workloads using an API or command line interface, as well as the introduction of a dedicated coordinating node that combines ingest and query coordination into a single node, helping to scale with high ingest and query loads.
  • More deployment options across regions and cloud service providers, with service now available in Finland, London, Netherlands, Sao Paulo, Singapore, South Carolina, Taiwan, and Tokyo.
  • AWS GovCloud in beta and FedRAMP Moderate ‘In-Process’ certification, providing increased support for public sector workloads.

“Elastic’s continued delivery of powerful observability solutions has helped us to keep innovating internally, streamlining our own digital transformation focused on IT operations and business performance,” said Oscar Narváez, Tools & Analytic Monitoring Manager, Entel Chile & Perú.

“As a leading telecommunications and technology operator, it’s imperative that we promptly identify and mitigate production and service issues. By automating machine learning analysis with Elastic, our time to resolution was reduced by 80 percent – what used to take hours, now only takes minutes.

“The Elastic Stack is part of the backbone of our digital transformation initiative, providing invaluable visibility across Entel as a whole, and now we’re looking to continue our journey with Elastic, leveraging Elastic Cloud to centralize and scale our multinational operation.”

“The Elastic Stack provides us with valuable player action insights and a real-time view of our infrastructure. This allows us to immediately identify hardware or software problems before they interfere with the free-roam virtual reality experience we provide all around the world,” said Billy Arrigo, Data and Insights Analyst, Zero Latency VR.

“Leveraging the Elastic Cloud and the Elastic Observability solution, we monitor the performance of our system through custom-built Kibana Dashboards and investigate issues that get reported by various beats hosted on our fleet of over 2,000 backpack PCs and other system infrastructure devices. This enables us to ensure a safe and immersive experience for our players, that is unlike anything they have ever done before.”

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