SANS partners with Elevate Security to shift the industry paradigm to solve for the human element

SANS Institute announces partnership with Elevate Security, a human risk management platform nominated by RSA Conference as a top ten most innovative startup.

SANS and Elevate Security are partnering to shift the industry paradigm to solve for the human element, with a data-driven approach focused on provable outcomes.

The partnership between SANS and Elevate Security combines the most trusted cybersecurity training provider with the most innovative technology, empowering security teams to reduce human risk and understand what interventions, training, and investments are yielding results.

“The industry has been trying to solve a decade old problem the wrong way. We’ve focused only on measuring what people know when, in fact, it’s what they do that matters most.” says Robert Fly, Co-Founder and CEO, Elevate Security, “We are excited to partner with SANS to shift the paradigm to focus on reducing human risk with measurable outcomes.”

Elevate Security’s innovative technology integrates and pulls data from security tools that organizations already use to help security teams holistically understand their human risk and automates delivering SANS best-in-class training to the right person at the right time based on weaknesses and habits unique to them.

“For decades, SANS has remained the thought leader in security awareness and training, with an army of industry experts developing world-class training that moves the industry forward,” says Masha Sedova, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Elevate Security. “We are honored to partner with SANS to measurably reduce human risk and prove efficacy and impact.”

“Masha and her team at Elevate Security are true innovators,” says Lance Spitzner, SANS Director of Security Awareness. “We are very excited to combine the world’s most effective security training content with the ability to both measure and motivate people down to the individual level.”

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