Data professionals: Job security and shifting career priorities in the wake of the pandemic

Despite the huge drops in employment and the immense worries around job security over the past three months, 81% of data professionals felt as, or more, secure in their role than they did this time a year ago, a Harnham survey reveals. This suggests businesses are more reliant on data professionals than ever before.

data professionals job security

The report includes input from more than 3,000 global professionals, an analysis of the 1,000+ job placements made by Harnham over the last year, and a review of worldwide job views to convey a clear understanding of the market.

Other key findings

  • Active job market – The data and analytics job market continues to move quickly, with respondents only remaining in their roles for an average of 2¼ years. Additionally, 80 percent are either actively looking for a new role, or open to the right opportunity.
  • Gender diversity – The number of female data professionals continues to increase, now making up 27 percent of the industry.
  • Flexible working – Businesses offering flexible working conditions grew from 64 percent to 80 percent even prior to COVID-19, suggesting “the new normal” of remote and flexible working was already a way of life.
  • Career priorities – Data professionals have seen a shifting in priorities in the wake of COVID-19. When seeking a new role, respondents prioritize career progression over salary increases, as well as an emphasis on job security and working for a stable and growing business.

The impact of COVID-19 on the data and analytics space

In the wake of COVID-19, the report includes a special dedicated section on the impact the pandemic has had on the data and analytics space, as the industry has had to adjust to “the new normal.”

“As COVID-19 has impacted all aspects of our daily lives, its effects on the data and analytics industry have been widespread,” said Dave Farmer, founding partner at Harnham.

“That being said, however, we have found that professionals in the data and analytics space have adjusted to ‘the new normal’ reasonably well and have become even more vital to businesses looking to streamline existing processes and establish new ones in the wake of the pandemic. This has resulted in increased job security and shifting career priorities that suggest that data professionals will continue to thrive in the coming year.”

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