Cyabra identifies sources of disinformation and protects global brands

Protecting global brands, international media outlets and the public sector, Cyabra’s solution uses advanced technology to identify fake profiles, manipulated images and deepfakes transmitted across the digital realm to root out bad actors.

Using machine learning infused with NLP, Cyabra identifies behavioral patterns typical of fake profiles such as bots, trolls and sockpuppets. This powerful lens provides brands and media with the resources to understand narratives, discover trends and uncover more-in-depth insight into what drives consumers, helping companies make smarter decisions. The solution also uncovers bad actors bent on influencing public opinion and election campaigns.

“We believe that words, when misplaced, can be as powerful as guns or nefarious drones. In the digital world, all it takes is one rumor and 200 fake online identities to cause a Fortune 500’s stock price to plummet,” said Dan Brahmy, Cyabra CEO. “As the tech community works to curb the negative effects of disinformation, we are pleased to offer our solution to aid in the fight.”

In addition to providing social media impact and authenticity analysis, Cyabra is the pioneering leader of deepfake detection technology. The solution focuses on detecting generative adversarial networks (GAN)—a class of machine learning that bad actors use to create realistic images and videos.

Cyabra’s never-before-seen type of brand protection offers reputation management and ensures customers’ trust in the face of bad and fake actors seeking to negatively influence the public or manipulate videos and images. Cyabra’s SaaS platform is already in use at global brands, multinational mass media companies and the public sector.

Founded in 2018, Cyabra has raised nearly $4M from Tier 1 venture capital firms and is currently wrapping up its latest funding round. The company is led by a team of world-renowned information warfare and offensive cybersecurity experts.

“In the age of social media and fake news, there are billions of raw conversations taking place around the globe that, with the right tools, enable invaluable discoveries,” said Brahmy. “Cyabra unravels these hives of activity, offering brands a solution to understand consumers and reach their true audiences.”

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