MiniTool Power Data Recovery 9.0: Improved scanning speed and data recovery results

MiniTool Software has released the latest MiniTool Power Data Recovery 9.0, aiming to make specific location recovery available and save the recovery time. The new features are Desktop Recovery, Recycle Bin Recovery, and Select Folder Recovery.

It is the second time for MiniTool to announce a new version of this software this year. The last time was about four months ago.

Add Desktop Recovery

Files on desktop are usually important and frequently used. When the desktop files are missing for some reason, like black screen of death , the newly added Desktop Recovery feature of Power Data Recovery 9.0 can deep scan and display the lost & deleted files on desktop.

Since the software only displays files found from the desktop, users can save some effort in picking out files they really need.

Add Recycle Bin Recovery

Most of the time, heading to Recycle Bin will bring back the permanently deleted files using leading data recovery programs. The Power Data Recovery 9.0 finally added this long-missing feature to scan Recycle Bin.

Through this approach, the software only finds, displays, and retrieves the deleted files in Recycle Bin. This narrows down the scanning range and shortens the scanning time, so users can quickly discover the desired items.

Add Specific Folder Recovery

It is a waste of time when scanning the whole drive but only recovering data from a known location. The newly added Specific Folder recovery in Power Data Recovery 9.0 allows users to select a targeted folder for a deep scan.

The scan results show the files in this appointed folder. From this perspective, using the new version of Power Data Recovery, users can quickly find the desired files.

Bug fix and improvement

MiniTool keeps devoting itself in optimizing the data scanning algorithm. The new Power Data Recovery 9.0 also brings some improvements focusing on the scanning speed and data recovery results. More bugs are fixed in this version.

In the former 8.8 version, we found its bootable media lacks the Spanish support, and the partition scanning results sometimes can differ from what are displayed in the middle panel. Now all are well fixed in 9.0.

About MiniTool Power Data Recovery

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is designed and developed by MiniTool Software Limited. This software aims to recover lost files from multiple data storage devices such as internal/external hard drives, USB flash drives, SD cards, etc. Its ease of use and high data recovery efficiency make it popular among the European and American.

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