Viasat MDD now available for the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition solution

Viasat announced its Mobile Dynamic Defense (MDD) cybersecurity software is now available for the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition (TE) solution.

The Viasat MDD platform will ensure sensitive Department of Defense (DoD), U.S. federal government and international Five Eye (FVEY) allied forces information, hosted on the Samsung Galaxy S20 TE device, is continually monitored and protected from compromise—even if the device is disconnected from the military or government operations center.

Viasat’s MDD solution provides advanced cyber protection, information assurance and enhanced mobile management. It works in environments with limited and no network connectivity and has the flexibility to adjust to mission needs at a moment’s notice.

By integrating the Viasat MDD software into existing device ecosystems, like the Samsung Galaxy S20 TE, warfighters at the tactical edge will improve situational awareness and maintain mission effectiveness.

Ken Peterman, president, Government System at Viasat commented, “By embedding Viasat’s MDD cybersecurity platform into the Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition we are ensuring today’s military personnel, government leaders and high profile business executives are securely connected and ‘mission-ready.’

“Our integrated mobile cyber-defense solution enables missions to be completed without the fear of jeopardizing confidential military or government policy, proprietary information or device integrity.

“Viasat MDD is a critical capability proven to protect device users—whether remote, local or connected to a live network—by allowing them to provision and configure their device as their mission changes.”

“Today’s operators need to make real-time decisions while processing an enormous amount of information across a variety of tactical environments,” said Chris Balcik, vice president of Sales, Federal Government, Samsung Electronics America.

“We worked diligently with the industry’s most trusted companies, such as Viasat, to ensure best-in-class software, services and hardware solutions perform with our devices. Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition is a secure mobile device that integrates into advanced systems and enables operators to complete their missions—regardless of location.”

The MDD software is an integral component of Viasat’s comprehensive cybersecurity platform, which analyzes terabits of data across commercial and government networks on a daily basis to defend against some of the world’s most sophisticated cyber threats.

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