Toshiba S300 Surveillance Hard Disk Drive series now optimized for demanding surveillance applications

Toshiba announces the expansion of the Toshiba S300 Surveillance Hard Disk Drive series. This includes a new S300 series using shingled magnetic recording (SMR) technology for small and medium-sized businesses and the renaming of the conventional magnetic recording (CMR) technology surveillance drives to the S300 Pro series for professional and public sector use.

Targeting the demands of small-to-medium-scale video surveillance systems, the new S300 series hard drives, available in 2TB and 4TB, are optimized for use in cost-constrained applications while meeting the requirements of surveillance systems with up to 32 high-definition camera streams.

The S300 series with 5400 rotations per minute (rpm) and a buffer size of 128MB[1] meets various requirements for HD video surveillance including technology for set-top boxes, digital video recorders (DVR), and network video recorder (NVR).

The new low capacity S300 series is based on SMR technology that uses overlapped tracks for higher data density, leaving just the required magnetic surface needed for correct reading.

This contrasts with CMR where each track is separated by a small distance. As a result, SMR allows higher capacities for the same magnetic area as a CMR drive to help improve total cost of ownership (TCO).

The implementation of an appropriate cache-architecture compensates the potential disadvantages of random re-writing of overlapped tracks making the S300 series suitable for small-to-medium-scale surveillance applications.

For large-scale surveillance systems that require up to 64 high-definition camera streams, video analytics, face-tracking and editing functions, Toshiba offers the S300 Pro series with CMR technology.

With high capacities of up to 10TB and a buffer size up to 256MB, they are suitable for surveillance digital video recorders (SDVR), surveillance network video recorders (SNVR), and hybrid SDVR.

“Considering the continuous growth in surveillance systems worldwide, Toshiba’s refreshed S300 series and S300 Pro hard drives offer a tailor-made surveillance storage solution.

“Targeting the latest requirements in the surveillance storage market, they provide stable 24/7 operation and are optimized to the needs of leading surveillance DVRs and NVRs using eight drive bays or more.

“Toshiba helps surveillance system integrators, system installation providers, and end users to record and store their video and audio streams with confidence,” noted Lorenzo Martinez-Palomo, General Manager, Storage Products Business Marketing, Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH.

The Toshiba S300 Pro series and the new S300 4TB model are available now, while the S300 2TB is expected to be available later this year.

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