Identiv launches government-grade FIDO2 Security Keys to eliminate the need for passwords

Identiv announced the launch of its new industrial-strength, government-grade uTrust FIDO2 NFC Security Keys, providing simple, strong authentication that eliminates the need for passwords, resists phishing attacks, and protects user credentials.

Identiv is the leader in logical access solutions for the United States federal government and Department of Defense (DoD).

uTrust FIDO2 supports the remote pandemic-era workforce, ensuring the critical data that resides on home-based systems and mobile devices remains highly secure and uncompromised.

Identiv’s uTrust FIDO2 NFC Security Keys are built in the U.S. and adhere to the highest standards, unlike other leading FIDO security key providers. uTrust FIDO2 allows individuals and businesses to replace passwords with a simple, secure, fast, scalable, and cost-effective login solution.

Logins are easier than ever with uTrust FIDO2 NFC Security Keys — simply insert the device and tap the button. “Passwords are the root of more than 80 percent of data breaches. We’re focused on ensuring everyone working from home, remotely and through mobile devices, have incredibly simple, highly secure access to the most sensitive data,” said Manfred Mueller, Identiv COO and GM, Identiv.

Identiv’s smart card reader technology secures the most critical information for the U.S. federal government and armed forces, and for banks, hospitals, and commercial users around the world. uTrust FIDO2 provides the same trusted, proven technology in a rugged, easy-to-use form factor.

“Standards-based FIDO authentication ends the reliance on passwords, and is applicable across our customer base, including small-to-enterprise organizations, financial services, mobile, healthcare, and government agencies.

“uTrust FIDO2 demonstrates what’s next in authentication technology — and the security keys are made in America, eliminating the man-in-the-middle risk of foreign government origin while also investing back into the U.S. job market. We’re reinforcing our commitment to simpler, stronger authentication standards in the fluid pandemic-era working environment,” added Mueller.

The security keys work with everyday devices (including phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops) and work across all services (such as Gmail, Facebook, Salesforce, LinkedIn, etc.).

The new security keys support both contact (USB A/C) and contactless near field communication (NFC) use cases, provide multi-protocol FIDO U2F, FIDO2, smart card, and OTP support, are compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS.

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