Nylas and Leviathan provide simplified certification process for any app that accesses Gmail data

Nylas announced a strategic partnership with Leviathan Security Group, an Information Security and Risk Management consulting firm. This partnership will provide developers around the world with a simplified certification process for any application that accesses Gmail data.

Nylas’ Express Security Review offers Leviathan Security Group’s expert services at the lowest available rates and with priority, white-glove service for applications subject to Google’s OAuth mandatory verification process and security assessment.

Services include end-to-end security evaluations and high-end penetration tests that mimic the work of sophisticated attackers to ensure applications that integrate with Gmail data are fully-compliant with Google’s security policies.

In 2019, Google modified their security policies to require a step-by-step verification and annual assessment for developers accessing sensitive user data via the Gmail API. Average cost estimates have historically spanned from $15,000 to $75,000 USD.

With the Express Security Review, Nylas and Leviathan Security Group are able to guarantee companies the lowest possible rates, with most customers paying no more than the $15,000 minimum, while also receiving priority processing and support from security experts that have expertise in supporting the world’s top enterprise companies.

“This one-of-a-kind partnership provides companies with a turn-key solution that marries both software solutions via the Nylas platform and Leviathan’s industry-leading services to support the innovations of developers around the globe,” said Gleb Polyakov, CEO of Nylas.

“Together, Nylas and Leviathan can now remove the friction developers experience in launching software integrations and in turn decrease the time-to-market for the critical communications features that power modern customer engagement and productivity products.”

“Our mission is to provide companies with integrated Risk Management and Information Security solutions that are not just patches, point-in-time fixes, or box-checking exercises,” said Frank Heidt, CEO at Leviathan Security Group.

“Rather, our methodology helps our clients to improve the processes that led to the issue and take the next steps in their evolution and avoid security risks. In partnership with Nylas, we can now provide this value to companies in a way that is quicker and less expensive without sacrificing quality.”

This partnership follows additional Nylas momentum, including its $25 million funding announcement, nomination as a Comparably Best Company for Professional Development for 2020, and ranking on the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

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