NETGEAR Insight Managed Business Router: Site-to-site VPN and easy remote management

NETGEAR is announcing the Insight Managed Business Router (BR200), to enable small businesses or remote and branch office (ROBO) installations to offer secure access to an office intranet through a secure site-2-site Virtual Private Network (IPSec VPN).

Many businesses today have employees working remotely from branch offices or from their home who often require access to company network resources in an easy and secure way.

With the new NETGEAR Insight Managed Business Router (BR200), these remote employees will simply need a BR200 in their home or remote office to connect to another BR200 in the main office and be able to access data residing on their office network securely.

The NETGEAR Insight Managed Business Router easily allows employees to share IT resources between two offices such as fileservers, network-attached storage or other business critical assets easier than ever.

Designed specifically to enable businesses to instantly protect their networks with a secure site-2-site VPN and firewall rapidly and cost-effectively through the Insight Cloud Portal or mobile app, the Insight Managed Business Router (BR200) comes with easy setup, firewall, VLAN management, and remote cloud monitoring and management from anywhere.

With the Insight Cloud, get full monitoring of all your security features, remote management of your router, and see real-time VPN connection and security status of connected devices.

“Today’s businesses need powerful and secure networking solutions that are also easy to set up and manage,” said Richard Jonker, vice president of product line management for SMB products at NETGEAR.

“NETGEAR Business is leveraging the intuitive simplicity of the Insight Management solution to implement the industry’s easiest to manage and most affordable router, with full VLAN and IPSec VPN set up.”

The Insight Managed Business Router (BR200) is either remotely or locally managed and can be monitored through NETGEAR Insight from any screen, anywhere, anytime.

NETGEAR Insight Remote Management solution provides the following analytics and controls:

  • Business Router hardware status, temperature, port speeds, CPU load, memory utilization
  • IPSec VPN configuration and status
  • VLAN configuration
  • WAN IP, DHCP server configuration

The NETGEAR Insight Managed Business Router comes with:

  • 1 WAN and 4 LAN gigabit Ethernet ports
  • LAN-to-WAN throughput: 924Mbps
  • Remote cloud management and monitoring all from a single pane of glass
  • IPSec site-2-site VPN configuration through the mobile app and web portal
  • OpenVPN remote VPN from the device GUI
  • Firewall capabilities to protect against intrusion and secure your business
  • VLAN Configurations

The NETGEAR Insight management solution is available as an app on iOS or Android and through a web browser with three subscription plan levels: Insight Pro, Insight Premium and Insight Basic. NETGEAR Insight is designed for IT deployment and management for SMBs, managed service providers (MSP) and installers managing multiple clients.

All NETGEAR Insight Managed Business Routers include a 2-year Limited Hardware Warranty, Next Business Day (NBD) Replacement, and 90 days free technical support.

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