BridgeComm partners with Nokia to enable ultra-broadband connectivity and faster adoption of 5G

BridgeComm announced its partnership agreement with Nokia in efforts to develop high-speed optical communications. Leveraging BridgeComm’s background in freespace optical technology and Nokia’s portfolio of network equipment and services backed by Nokia Bell Labs, the partnership will facilitate faster deployment of 5G networks.

With opportunities for both public and private sectors, this partnership will bring about an ultra-high-speed throughput solution that will provide a faster and more secure network optimized for citizens and governments alike.

“While our relationship is still in its early stages, Nokia has already proven to be a great partner for us,” says Barry Matsumori, BridgeComm CEO. “We’re pursuing government and commercial opportunities, leveraging each other’s strengths, and we foresee great potential for faster connections, more security online and with greater agility than ever before.”

“BridgeComm’s expertise in delivering high speed optics over-the-air combined with Nokia’s industry-leading high-speed optical equipment and expertise will support the delivery of 100 Gbps and beyond throughput – all without needing to lay fiber,” said Mike Calabrese, Senior Vice President for the Americas at Nokia Enterprise.

“This opens the door to a wide variety of applications that our commercial and government customers are seeking, such as enabling last mile connectivity in 5G networks and High Capacity Encrypted Free Space Optics.”

The two companies have secured a promising collaborative relationship, as BridgeComm has already integrated some of Nokia’s high-speed optical equipment into its systems with successful initial lab demonstrations.

BridgeComm’s global network of optical ground stations provides high-bandwidth, high-security solutions for rapid point-to-point data transmissions.

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