Hitachi ID announces new executive leadership to modernize identity and access for customers

Hitachi ID announced new executive leadership appointed to modernize how Hitachi ID delivers identity and access to Fortune 5000 companies around the world.

With the rising cost of data breaches and interest in protecting its own environments globally, Hitachi, Ltd. completed acquisition of Hitachi ID in early 2020 and appointed Chief Executive Officer Kevin Nix to accelerate secure outcomes for customers against common digital identity and access vulnerabilities and threats.

Kevin joined Hitachi Vantara in 2019 as Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy, after more than 30 years in Enterprise Software and SaaS Solutions. Kevin has successfully founded and sold three SaaS startups in the mobile, customer engagement and predictive analytics space.

He co-founded SkyData Systems in 2007, which was acquired by SAP, led Causata, to be successfully acquired by NICE Systems in 2013 and more recently co-founded Stellar Loyalty which was acquired by Cheetah Digital in 2018.

Kevin was Executive Vice President in charge of mobile and SaaS solutions at SAP, and grew the Siebel/Oracle call center and industry solutions from $0 to over $1B in revenue during the early 2000s.

“Hitachi ID has great technical skill and brilliance in identity, privileged access and password management with exceptional automation, scalability and integration – each of which lets organizations innovate faster and reduce risk,” says Kevin.

“I’m incredibly excited as we deliver the only singular identity and access platform for organizations to detect threats and continually improve their response across identities, access, passwords, and group management. We will continue to extend our key capabilities with winning strategic partners.”

Chief Revenue Officer Nick Brown has joined Hitachi ID to lead the customer facing teams of Sales, Marketing, Professional Services and Support. He brings over 25 years of experience in enterprise software and has held leadership positions in product management, marketing and sales in successful startups as well as large companies like SAP and Oracle.

Vice-President of Engineering Ian Reay has been promoted. Ian has a Master’s of Science in software engineering focusing on privacy protecting technologies. He has added significantly to Hitachi ID’s breadth of experience in identity and access management for the last 13 years.

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