CyberSaint adds automation functionality to its CyberStrong platform to reduce manual intervention

CyberSaint announced new updates to the CyberStrong platform allowing customers to drastically reduce manual intervention previously necessary to assess, manage, and communicate cyber and IT compliance and risk posture.

Unexpected disruptions and the increasing focus on digital transformation have heightened organizations’ need to seek innovative solutions that deliver advanced levels of automation.

Simultaneously, information security and risk leaders are challenged to have clear visibility into cyber risk and optimize resources across risk and compliance projects. CyberStrong is purpose-built for enterprises looking to transform their cyber risk management programs through automation in the wake of extensive digital transformation initiatives.

CyberSaint has a strong history of meeting the growing demand within the integrated risk management market, balancing intuitiveness and flexibility with an uncompromisingly robust feature set for customers, who range from high-growth startups to Global 500 industry titans.

“The market has now shifted as security teams realize the cost savings of automation. The evolution of the product has mirrored, in many fascinating ways, the direction that enterprises are taking in their approach to risk and compliance – with efficiency and agility by way of automation either displacing or augmenting bulky modularities such as legacy GRCs”, said Padraic O’Reilly, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of CyberSaint.

“From the start, CyberSaint has sought to solve the fundamental problems of risk and compliance, which at the core are data problems. By leveraging natural language processing on telemetry, understanding how different data sources map to controls and keeping the platform intuitive, we’ve been able to meet market demands while innovating alongside our enterprise customers.

“CyberSaint is now helping some of the world’s largest companies undergo this transformation. Our platform leverages data in innovative ways to enable teams to understand risk in real-time, empowering executives to make truly informed decisions around their business strategy.”

At an industry level, there is a lack of best practice within the governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) market of ingesting real-time telemetry and mapping that data to control environments aligned with industry frameworks and standards.

Simultaneously, there has been no way to dynamically identify, update, and manage an enterprise’s unique risk profile in the context of the frameworks or standards that the organization aligns with, especially from within a robust risk register.

The CyberStrong platform’s advanced automation functionality is a natural extension of the existing solution. CyberSaint has previously made industry-leading progress in the area of automation by leveraging its patented Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to ingest vulnerability and threat data into control environments.

This enhanced use case extends the platform’s use of ML and NLP to include data from any application in use within the IT and information security program. Examples include identity and access management (IAM), security information and event management (SIEM), security orchestration, analytics and reporting (SOAR), application security testing, and cloud infrastructure platforms.

CyberStrong can ingest these feeds and project them out across environments in real-time. Built with feedback from CISOs and teams paired with overall market demand, CyberStrong allows organizations to automate up to 90% of any given control set across people, process, and technology while dynamically managing their unique set of risks.

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