Tufin and AWS Network Firewall deploy network protections for Amazon Virtual Private Clouds

Tufin announced it will integrate with AWS Network Firewall, a new managed service that makes it easy to deploy essential network protections for all Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (Amazon VPCs) on Amazon Web Services (AWS), on-premise data centers and other cloud platforms for full visibility across the enterprise.

“AWS is a very important cloud provider for our customers today and into the future, which is why we are excited to expand our collaboration and be a Launch Partner for AWS Network Firewall,” said Pamela Cyr, Senior Vice President of Business and Corporate Development, Tufin.

“The integration will deliver on a critical need to achieve visibility and extend security policy management to the cloud without compromising developer productivity.”

AWS Network Firewall is a managed service that makes it easy to deploy essential network protections for Amazon VPCs by leveraging its flexible rules engine, allowing users to define firewall rules that provide fine-grained control over network traffic.

Integrating these capabilities with Tufin will also allow users to gain visibility into cloud security posture, establish security guardrails and achieve continuous compliance, without compromising the business benefits of cloud computing.

“Tufin’s integration with AWS Network Firewall will enable customers to set automated security policy guidelines across cloud environments, providing necessary visibility and security,” said Andrew Thomas, GM Perimeter Protection, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

“Together with Tufin, customers can expect a comprehensive view spanning their cloud and on-premises environments, and defined yet flexible rules that do not sacrifice security and agility.”

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