CircleCI updates platform, partners with AWS, HashiCorp, and others

CircleCI introduced new platform updates and partner integrations with Amazon Web Services (AWS), HashiCorp, and others to their expanding ecosystem.

“The idea of automation, of being able to move quickly and reliably, is no longer ‘nice to have’; but core to the responsibilities of today’s engineering teams,” said Jim Rose, CircleCI, CEO.

“CI/CD is a mission-critical yet complex component to achieving this, which is why we have been singularly focused on solving this challenge for customers over the last nine years. CircleCI’s latest additions will make it easier for even more teams to access the most intelligent and performant CI/CD tooling on the market.”

Server 3.0 now available for new users

CircleCI announced a new version of their server hosting option, Server 3.0. This self-hosted solution offers new users world-class CI/CD under even the strictest security, compliance, and regulatory restraints. Server 3.0 offers the ability to scale under load and run multiple services at once, all within a private Kubernetes cluster and network on Google Kubernetes Engine or Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS).

Server 3.0 will work well for teams that have in-house DevOps and Kubernetes expertise, have their own data centers, or have other highly custom needs that can’t be served elsewhere.

New functions added to reusable configuration offering, orbs

CircleCI has nearly doubled its orb registry which currently offers more than 2,000 orbs. Orbs are proprietary packages of reusable configurations that automate thousands of out-of-the-box DevOps use cases without the need for complex configuration.

CircleCI released new integrations with Terraform, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Codecov, and others to deepen efficiency, productivity, and scale for users, along with a new Slack orb that allows users to customize and receive unlimited event notifications.

The ability to extend security and compliance with CircleCI runner

As a way to bring CircleCI’s powerful cloud to any unique infrastructure or compliance use case, CircleCI released a new self-hosted solution, CircleCI runner. This means users can build and release on a wider variety of architectures, and have the ability to choose which jobs run in the cloud and on their own infrastructure.

With this release, CircleCI also announced a partnership with Arm with support for Arm64 architecture.

CircleCI processes 2 million jobs and 100,000+ projects per day and has demonstrated tremendous growth, recently ranking No. 242 on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™, a ranking of the 500 fastest-growing technology companies in North America.

“CircleCI really brings automation, consistency, speed, and reliability to the craft of software creation and their customers,’ said Cack Wilhelm, Partner, IVP. “Illustrious names like Facebook, Ford, Spotify, Lyft and PagerDuty all have a huge competitive advantage because of this best in class continuous integration and delivery service that CircleCI provides.”

CircleCI also unveiled the first-ever data-backed benchmarks for CI/CD to help teams determine their level of engineering performance.

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