Entrust Certificate Manager now available in the ServiceNow Store

Entrust announced that Entrust Certificate Manager is now available in the ServiceNow Store. This integration provides ServiceNow users the ability to streamline the management of public and private certificates via the ServiceNow application while leveraging their existing business processes and workflows.

As IT infrastructures continue to scale in size and complexity, so does an organization’s use of certificates and Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs). With the Entrust Certificate Manager App for ServiceNow, users are able to manage their assets, configuration and digital identities in one place.

By aligning certificate orchestration with approval and configuration management tools, management and operations can be streamlined to achieve a new level of efficiency and visibility.

The extensibility of the ServiceNow platform further enhances Certificate Management capabilities within organizations that aim to operate secure infrastructures.

“Streamlining the certificate management workflow and gaining visibility to certificate inventory in one platform mitigates the risk of missing a certificate expiration or compliance issue.

“ServiceNow customers can now manage their entire public and private certificate estate within a platform they’re already using with one easy-to-use dashboard,” said Jay Schiavo, Vice President of Entrust Digital Certificate & Signing Solutions at Entrust.

Other benefits of the integration include:

  • Centralized and enforceable workflow processes within the ServiceNow application
  • Reduction of risks associated with manual processes
  • Increased efficiency in maintaining compliance with internal guidelines and external policies
  • Integration with the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) module in the ServiceNow application

“Expiry of TLS certificates have resulted in disruptive service outages among organizations. With the proper visibility into certificate expiry dates, these types of incidents can be lessened,” said Sree Subramaniam, Director of Product management, ITOM at ServiceNow.

“Through this integration with Entrust, and leveraging Entrust’s Certification Manager and ServiceNow’s TLS Certificate Management solution, we are able to help customers reduce such issues as well as others tied to disperse and manual processes, enabling them to automate the management of public and private certificate inventory all from a single platform for IT.”

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