Twenty20 Solutions’ enhanced AI technology drives visibility, security and automation

Twenty20 Solutions announces its launch of enhanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology with advanced visual detection and classification capabilities designed to maximize operational efficiency for its customers.

In addition, the company unveiled an expanded technology roadmap that includes new AI-enabled analytics to drive higher levels of visibility, security and automation.

“Developing AI-enabled technology that helps customers automate their day-to-day on-site activities and keep their assets, people and businesses safe and compliant is our company’s main focus,” said Dan Vertachnik, CEO, Twenty20 Solutions.

At the forefront of Twenty20’s enhanced AI capabilities is improved object recognition and classification. Fast and accurate object recognition is the foundation of Twenty20’s AI security solutions.

Through accurate identification of objects, the system can search for specific items and events, identify unusual activity, compare objects to others for identification purposes, track equipment locations and more.

By using advanced machine learning techniques to accurately identify significant activity while simultaneously filtering out irrelevant events, Twenty20’s technology can now reduce false alerts by up to 90 percent. This translates to less time being spent qualifying non-relevant events.

Twenty20 Solutions has also enhanced its License Plate Recognition analytics which can accurately capture license plate information at higher speeds. Twenty20’s software technology will allow customers to maintain watch lists of license plate information and trigger automated actions or security alerts based on data recorded in these lists.

In addition to the expanded Object and License Plate Recognition capabilities, the company’s roadmap includes other enhancements to its existing suite of AI, automation and video analytics technologies and software solutions. These new and improved capabilities will launch early this year, and include:

Motion Detection: Twenty20’s technology detects motion at the edge allowing for integration with any video surveillance camera. This gives greater flexibility for companies with cameras already in place to implement more advanced analytics to maximize their operational efficiency.

Facial Recognition: This capability will automatically detect and recognize faces in real-time and display results to compare. Users can search for persons of interest by photo in a database of previously detected people and watchlists with high accuracy.

PPE Recognition: Objects of interest can be highlighted in a customer’s customizable video archive so the system will get better at identification over time. By tracking objects like construction hard hats, face masks, gloves and vests, companies will have the ability to enforce compliance and reduce their liability for employees and contractors on site.

Vehicle Classification: This specialized type of Object Classification identifies types of vehicles and classifies them as cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks, etc. Identifying vehicles traveling onto a company’s site can assist in criminal investigations, help verify operational expenses by validating vendor time on-site and more.

Twenty20’s solutions are powered by AI technology. The company’s proprietary cloud-based software platform integrates all customer sites into a single view, allowing unmatched visibility and control over all aspects of on-site operations from any computer or mobile device.

With its flexible technology, Twenty20 ensures that the unique data needs of each customer are met efficiently through a single platform.

“We are committed to providing leading-edge solutions that protect our customers’ assets and people, optimize their operations, improve their efficiency and reduce their overall costs,” said Vertachnik.

“The new and improved technology roadmap we are committed to rolling out extends that commitment to our customers by delivering tools that provide unprecedented value.”

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