Cleanshelf integrates Okta’s provisioning capabilities into its platform

Cleanshelf has announced the completion of its integration of Okta‘s Identity Cloud. For the first time, business leaders now have a comprehensive and seamless user lifecycle management solution all within Cleanshelf, pairing high-performing technology visibility and insight with controls provided by an Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform like Okta.

In recent years, forward-looking companies have doubled down on their technology investments to help drive business outcomes, reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies.

The average organizational spend per employee has increased 228% over the past five years, with a 24% increase in 2020 alone as the COVID-19 Pandemic forced companies worldwide to shift to an entirely remote workforce, reimagining employee technology access from onboarding to offboarding.

“The reliance and the need for trust in technology has deepened for sales, marketing, finance and operational functions over the past decade. At Cleanshelf, we want to enable executives, administrators and IT leaders to see and control what they have in a way they’ve never been able to before.” Said Dusan Omercevic, CEO and Founder of Cleanshelf.

“We are leading the push in SaaS management by reducing operational friction and securing the employee lifecycle management process. With a premier application provisioning partner like Okta, we have created something exceptional for our customers, an automated and seamless experience”

With Cleanshelf’s integrated platform, business leaders won’t have to manually track down internal SaaS tools or paper audits which usually result in provisioning gaps.

They will now be able to access a holistic view of their SaaS estate, uncover shadow IT, provision technology licenses and manage access for their entire workforce, regardless of location.

Permissioning capabilities include individual licensing, group access management and administrator privileges.

“It is clear that the Cleanshelf team has spent a lot of time thinking about what the end user needs and doesn’t need, helping organizations uncover up to 50% more wasted and excess SaaS licenses,” Said Mina Mutafchieva, Principal at Dawn Capital.

“Integrating Okta’s provisioning capabilities into Cleanshelf’s platform is another fantastic step towards giving CIOs back control of their tech stack. The level of automation the team has built is truly impressive.”

An industry leading technology, Okta has been used by IT professionals to manage SaaS provisioning of known SaaS tools for over a decade.

By bringing Okta’s capabilities into Cleanshelf, business leaders can now successfully discover SaaS tools, track usage and spend data, protect sensitive information, manage lifecycle and provisioning functionalities in a centralized platform.

Access and experience are streamlined for a distributed workforce while organizational tools are compliant and properly managed.

Cleanshelf’s simple and elegant platform includes 24/5 application support with audit trails automatically stored in Okta.


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