Cavirin speeds up the process of keeping customers’ hybrid clouds safe

The introduction of Version 6 of Cavirin‘s cloud security and compliance product delivers more efficient reporting and remediation.

Rapid response to threats and awareness of a system’s health is a critical factor. The new AWS baseline policy addresses this issue by gathering system-wide security and compliance status information and condensing this crucial information into a single and easily understood view.

Terraform Automation for AWS Cloud Policies enables rapid automated policy execution across system-wide resources.

The Terraform open-source infrastructure leverages the predefined policies and standards definitions built into the Cavirin security and compliance solution. Terraform significantly improves scan times through its API-driven architecture.

Lightweight OS Container PODs enable fast OS Container scans by minimizing the network bandwidth required. This revolutionary feature facilitates timely and efficient resource discovery and assessment across multiple platforms from SaaS to the On-Premise data center.

Finally, Cavirin has introduced a new Cybersecurity Maturity Model assessment (CMMC) policy that enables defense suppliers to evaluate their cloud/compute systems for CMMC compliance.

Initially targeting CMMC level 1, the CMMC policy pack ensures preparedness and measures your hybrid cloud assets’ compliance against defense cybersecurity controls.

Cavirin CEO Toru Kashima said: “Our focus has always been to offer the best possible reporting and remediation in the fastest possible time.”

Typically, users of Cavirin’s security and compliance solution work with hundreds of targeted resources, but what they really need is the ability to see system-wide health from a single view.

Until now, they lacked the tools to respond rapidly to any threats detected. Cavirin’s AWS Baseline policy makes this a reality and reduces the time needed to keep systems secure.

The introduction of Terraform Automation for AWS Cloud Policies and Cavirin’s lightweight access PODs also offers significant performance enhancements.

For example, the bandwidth consumed to scan bastion hosts is high, and the process is typically slow. Cavirin’s lightweight access PODs solve that problem and significantly shorten scan times.”

At a time when a data breach seems like a daily event, employing effective cybersecurity is critical. Cloud-based systems offer rapid development and instant scalability, but the risk of unintentionally growing the attack surface on those systems increases significantly.

Cavirin’s security and compliance solution offers real-time monitoring, threat detection, and auto-remediation across many platforms, including AWS, GCP, Azure, On-premises, OS, containers, and Kubernetes.

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