New infosec products of the week: March 19, 2021

Akamai MFA provides FIDO2 multi-factor authentication without hardware security keys

Akamai Technologies announced the launch of Akamai MFA, a phish-proof solution designed to enable enterprises to quickly deploy FIDO2 multi-factor authentication (MFA) without the need to deploy and manage hardware security keys. Akamai MFA uses a smartphone application that transforms existing smartphones into a hardware security key to deliver a frictionless user experience.

infosec products March 2021

StackPulse reliability platform eliminates hours of manual on-call work with code-based playbooks

StackPulse announced the release of a free-to-use edition of its reliability platform that gives developers, DevOps, and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) teams a way to respond to software outages, automate manual operations, and deliver software services to end users. With StackPulse, teams can apply DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering principles to the on-call process of identifying, responding to, and resolving service incidents and outages.

infosec products March 2021

DTEX InTERCEPT enhanced capabilities monitor and secure server infrastructures

DTEX InTERCEPT’s patent-pending DMAP+ technology drives intelligent meta-data collection and activity correlation across cloud, on-premises and virtual environments to identify privileged account misuse, unauthorized use of administrative tools, unusual application updates and behavior, systems configuration changes, domain fronting and more.

infosec products March 2021

CoSoSys updates its Endpoint Protector, focusing on enterprise security and compliance

CoSoSys launched the latest update of its Endpoint Protector It introduces the Smart Group feature, which automatically assigns Computers or Users to specific Groups based on their naming convention. With this feature, it becomes easier and quicker to deploy the solution, lowering the Time To Value by saving time for I.T. departments and providing extra flexibility when needing to onboard users automatically.

infosec products March 2021

Kasada V2 platform provides defense against advanced bot attacks

To address the increasing sophistication of bot attacks, Kasada has upgraded its platform to provide real-time defense against advanced bots that are left undetected by traditional methods. New proprietary obfuscation which deters reverse engineering attempts, making it extremely difficult and expensive for attackers to retool. An enhanced cryptographic challenge, wrecking the ROI of bot operations and helping to eliminate the need for CAPTCHAs.

infosec products March 2021

Avira Security for Mac: An all-in-one security, privacy and performance tool

Avira has released an all-new Avira Security for Mac, including a free version as well as Prime for premium features. The all-in-one solution blocks and removes threats and protects data with VPN encryption. The solution has been redesigned from the ground up and is built using the latest Apple’s Swift, SwiftUI, Combine frameworks alongside with the best in breed Avira protection technologies such as SAVAPI and APC.

infosec products March 2021

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