Insight to sell and support the Byos family of patented plug-and-play Secure Endpoint Edge solutions

Byos announced a partnership with Insight Enterprises.

This partnership affords the opportunity for Byos to reach a large bandwidth of customers who, in many cases, may not be aware of the Byos portfolio of security endpoint edge solutions.

The Byos portfolio also expands Insight’s industry leading position of security based products offering a truly differentiated solution where virtually no competition exists today.

Byos has seen escalating demand for the Byos µGateway in recent months, as the work-from-home (WFH) migration has created new challenges and security issues for IT teams.

As endpoints are now routinely connected to untrusted networks outside of IT’s control, the potential impacts of malware lateral movement is amplified in these networks as these threats continue to go unobstructed.

The patented Byos Secure Endpoint Edge gives back visibility and control over remote endpoints, for real-time detection and prevention of these types of threats.

The patented Byos µGateway provides:

  • Micro-segmentation: providing endpoints with zero-trust access to the local networks, while remaining completely cloaked from other devices and threats.
  • Plug & play implementation: to support both corporate and BYOD devices quickly and easily.
  • Zero touch deployment: working out of the box, without additional installation or network configuration.
  • Secure roaming: security that travels with endpoints and is not static to a particular environment.
  • Direct connections: traffic takes the shortest distance between two points, with no traffic backhauling, rerouting, or proxies to inhibit connection speeds.
  • Cloud management: for immediate (de)provisioning, centralized policy enforcement, and integration with the organization’s existing security infrastructure (SSO/IAM, SIEM).

“As organizations have been forced to move to distributed work environments over the past year, maintaining endpoint security has become more complex than ever.

“Partnering with Byos enhances Insight’s ability to provide our clients even more solutions that make operating from anywhere a viable long-term strategy for today’s digital-first businesses,” said Megan Amdahl, senior vice president of operations, partner management and strategic alliances, Insight.

“Insight has shown tremendous leadership in supplying the market with solutions that enhance secure remote working capabilities. We’re excited to partner with them to expand our Secure Endpoint Edge solution to their customers,” said Byos CEO and Founder Matias Katz.

“Our solution gives organizations unprecedented remote device security through micro-segmentation and streamlined provisioning capabilities so they can protect and manage the edge at scale.”

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